Screenplays at 2017 San Diego International Kids Film Festival
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 2017 San Diego International Kids' Film Festival Screenplays
Screenplay showcases at August 27, 2017, from 3-4PM


52 Hertz (China)–Siyi Sun
52 Hertz (China)–Siyi Sun
The film tells a story about Chen Zhou, a zhongnanhai bodyguard, and Ruoyu Sun, a popular female star. This is a story that includs choices between love and death, between big love and small love, and between happiness and cruelty, which makes audiences experiencing baptism in the depth of their souls.
Pageant Dad (USA) - Liam Healy and Conor Healy

Pageant Dad (USA) - Liam Healy and Conor Healy

After his conniving wife leaves him, quirky Texan Quinn will go to any measure to retain custody of his daughter Maeve. Quinn reconnects with Maeve through the strange world of kid pageants and goes on a wacky adventure into the discovery of who he is as a man and a father.

 The Joyrider (USA) - Kirk Davis The Joyrider (USA) - Kirk Davis
A lonely teenager grieving the loss of his larger-than-life father meets a space alien on the run. He must master his fears and bring his family together in order to help the alien return home. It is written based on the novel, The Joyrider, by Hubert Pedroli. 
The Oscar (USA) - Julia Liberman The Oscar (USA) - Julia Liberman
When Annie and Danny embark on a journey to help their father fulfil hisdream of being a published writer, they discover the real-life strugglebetween good and evil, and learn that it is a struggle that repeatsitself from generation to generation. Through their adventures, theycome to find out that with courage and love, truth and justice canprevail.

The sky is a frozen ocean (China) - Siyi Sun
The Sky is A Frozen Ocean (China)
The screenplay revolves around the love and hatred of Sky, Ocean, Qifeng, Weier, Panpan, Kenken and other leading characters and illustrates that we can be disappointed by love, but we can't lose the courage to love because of disappointment.
Minnie Noir (USA) - Katie Grotzinger Minnie Noir (USA) - Katie Grotzinger
Minnie Hughes is a hardboiled, noir-style detective stuck inthe body of the shortest girl in the fourth grade. Aftercandidate for class president Connor Sweetwater’s preciousSouth African ostrich egg goes missing, she takes the case,only to get caught in a web of election corruption andjealousy.
Please Give Me True Love (China) - Mei Wang  Please Give Me True Love (China) - Mei Wang
XiaoHao always get lots of luxury goods and gift from his government official father, who is always busy and not have time to be with him. The arrogant has growing with him. XiaoHe’s mother, who is the boss of Xiaohao’s father, is treat her daughter differently. She provides love and companionship to Xiaohe. Life changed after Xiaohao’s father gets arrested due to corruption, and he has to be send to grandfather’s village to live.
The Boy with Lipstick (China) - Xiaoqiang Zhang The Boy with Lipstick (China) - Xiaoqiang Zhang
The boy Yu likes the girl’s dress and often secretly tries his elder sister’s clothes and cosmetics. Yu buys a lipstick, but he is laughed at by classmatesafter getting caught and teased by the people who push him into the female toilet. The girl Yang repeatedly helps Yu from embarrassments, but Yu loses his heart to her sunny handsome elder brother…
 The Fields of Yaru (USA) - Catherine Fridey The Fields of Yaru (USA) - Catherine Fridey
Within the dark labyrinth of a dig in the Egyptian desert, spunky archaeologist Jill and her mentor Mez open a sarcophagus. They are disappointed to find it was looted in ancient times and only contains a few artifacts. One of them sends Jill on a journey back in time where she witnesses the ancient rituals practiced by the gods. Mesmerized by the experience, will she find a portal back to the present and continue her adventures around the globe and back in time
The Possibility of Impossible Dreams (UK) - Michael Rowney The Possibility of Impossible Dreams (UK) - Michael Rowney
On the outskirts of a town called Doubt, Odilo Fabian uses wishes and nature to grow himself a real chance at love.

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