San Diego International Kids Film Festival
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2018 San Diego International Kids' Film Festival
August 24-26,2018

Schulman Auditorium (1775 Dove Lane, Carlsbad, Ca92011)
Senior Center( 799 Pine Avenue Carlsbad, CA92008)
OHS Performing Arts Center ( 1 Pirates Cove Way, Oceanside, CA 92054) 


The Winners of 2017 SDIKFF

Award   Winner
Grand Jury Prize - Best Feature    1st Semester (Philippines) 
Grand Jury Prize - Best Short    Pool Shark (USA)
Special Jury Award    Tanguito Argentino (Argentina)
Best Youth-made Film   What Single People Do (USA)
Best Kids-made Film   Black Water (India)
Best Animated Feature Film   Barkley (China | Taiwan)
Best Animated Short Film   Jingliks (Russia)
Best Kid Performance in Feature Film    Baby Jhanavi (Shaanu - The Optimist)
Best Kid Performance in Short Film   Lilith Max (The Chocolate Soldier)
Best Student Film   Kizuna (USA)
Rising Star Award   Chenling Zhu (Fake Guardians)
Young Performer Award   Zimo Zhu, Lu Xin, Yuze Qian, Junhao Liu, Sixiang Li
Best Musical Film   August (USA)
Best Family Feature Film   The Kids from 62-F (USA)
Best Family Short Film   The Rogue One: A Star Wars Toy Story (USA)
Best Documentary Feature   High School 9-1-1 (USA)
Best Documentary Short   Geijyutsu Wa Mirai (USA)
Best Drama Feature Film   Another Me in the World (China)
Best Drama Short Film   The Boots (USA)
Make A Difference Award Anthems   A Journey Around the World (Canada)
Screenplay Contest - Feature Screenplay   The Fields of Yaru (USA)
Screenplay Contest - Short Screenplay   Minnie Noir (USA)
Screenplay Contest - Foreign Feature Screenplay   52 Hertz (China)
Screenplay Contest - Foreign Short Screenplay   Please Give Me True Love (China)

2017 SDIKFF Official Selection---Screenplays:

52 Hertz (China) - Siyi Sun
Pageant Dad (USA) - Liam Healy and Conor Healy
The Joyrider (USA)- Kirk Davis
The Oscar (USA) - Julia Liberman
The Sky is A Frozen Ocean (China) - Siyi Sun

Minnie Noir (USA) - Katie Grotzinger
Please Give Me True Love (China) - Mei Wang
The Boy with Lipstick (China) - Xiaoqiang Zhang
The Fields of Yaru (USA) - Catherine Fridey
The Possibility of Impossible Dreams (UK) - Michael Rowney

2017 SDIKFF Official Selection---Shorts: 

4 to 5 (USA)
A Different Christmas Day (USA)
Addy's Odyssey (USA)
Amazing Things Happen (UK)
Anthems: A Journey Around the World (Canada)
August (USA)
Beauty School (USA)
Bibi Land (Switzerland)
Birdy Wouaf Wouaf (France)
Birpurush - The Hero Within (India)
Brand New Day (USA)
Bumazhki (Russia)
Chasing Rabbits (USA)
Cicada (USA)
Colours! (Norway)
Corky (USA)
Dance with the Cockcrow (China)
Dear Congress (USA)
Dear Henri (USA)
Doctor of Monster (Brazil)
Drew's Dancing Drum (USA)
Flowers (China)
Geez Louise (USA)
Gemma (USA)
I Haven't Said Goodbye Yet (Taiwan)
InSight (USA)
Intrepid (USA)
Jingliks (Russia)
Kitten Witch (New Zealand)
Kizuna (USA)
KOYAA - Naughty Toy Car (Slovenia)
Leo & Tig (Russia)
Lily (USA)
Magic Concert Trick (USA)
Masha Time! (USA)
Mimi & Lala (Taiwan)
Miss Persona (Canada)
My Haggan Dream (Northern Mariana Islands)
Nature Calls (USA)
New Toy (Brazil)
Not One of Us (USA)
Pizzly Bear (USA)
Please Give Me True Love ( China)
Pool Shark (USA)
Possum (New Zealand) 

Reading Lindsay Keegan's Diary (UK)
Sky Takes a Bite Out of Crime (USA)
Small (USA)
Strawberries (USA)
Supermom (USA)
Tanguito Argentino (Argentina)
Thank God For Jelly (USA)
The Autograph (India)
The Basket (India)
The Boots (USA)
The Catch (Canada)
The Chocolate Soldier (USA)
The Dragon's Scale (New Zealand)
The Fox (Australia)
The Next Step (USA)
The Pixie Fighters (USA)
The Rogue One: A Star Wars Toy Story (USA)
The Sea-Team (USA)
Today? (Australia)
Togetherness (Taiwan)
Trigga (UK)


2017 SDIKFF Official Selection---Films Made By Youth & Kids: 

Films Made by Kids:

 4 (Germany)
H.U.M.A.N.S. (USA)
Voices Unlocked: A True Story (USA)
A Twilight Journey (Canada)
Acceptance!!!! (USA)
Black Water (India)
Boris & Babette (Netherlands)
Don't Forget Us (USA)
Don't Get Tagged (USA)
Frankenstein's Many Brains (Australia)
Full Circle (USA)
Halfway House (USA)
It's Little Things that Make a Big Difference (Germany)
Joy Unbroken (USA)
Never Alone (UK)
Picnic Perfect (USA)
Rain or Shine (USA)
Roast Duck of Dream (China)
Seeds (USA)
Sentiment (USA)
The Cosmospenguin in Sushiland (Austria)
The Ocean Under Our Feet (Brazil)
The Party (Australia)
Work (Australia)

Films Made by Youth

Damsels in Distress (Canada)
Dear New President (USA)
Draw Me Happy (Russia)
Fox and Bear (USA)
Geijyutsu Wa Mirai (USA)
Joya Mia (USA)
Love & Goodwill (USA)
Plastic is Forever (USA)
Poverty and How to Change Its Path (Colombia) 
Split (USA)
The Ledge (USA)
The Lost (India)
The Portrait of Fear (Lithuania)
The Power of Positivity (USA)
Tommy & the Little Free Library (USA)
Vesper (France)
Walk On (USA)
What Single People Do (USA) 


2017 SDIKFFOfficial Selection---Features: 

1st Semester (Philippines)
A Film of Cinema (Brazil)
Another Me in the World (China)
Barkley (China Taiwan)
Bird (Russia)
Fake Guardians (China)
High School 9-1-1 (USA)
Lesson of Magic (Ukraine)
Little Island Guardian (China)
No Choice (China)
Princess Sparkly Butt and the Hot Dog Kid (Canada)
Shaanu - The Optimist (India)
Tennis Buddies (India)
The Kids from 62-F (USA)
The Magic of Children (Austria)
What Do We Wish for the World? (Brazil)




@2018 San Deigo International Kids' Film Festival