Work with China panel at 2016 San Diego International Kids Film Festival
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   " Work with China Funded Films" Panel at  2016 SDIKFF  

3:30PM-5PM; Saturday, August 27, 2016.  Meeting Room ( 799 Pine Avenue Carlsbad, CA 92008); Admission by Panel Pass

China has a huge boost to the production and success of domestic films. China's film revenues have grown by 25% a year for the past 10 years. Chinese Film Projects are looking for Western filmmakers participate in their movies. A window of opportunity has opened for the Western directors, screenwriters, Scrip doctors, cinema photographers, musical composters, Animators, actors, etc. Come to meet the delegations of Chinese investors, producers, directors, and find out the pitfalls, common misunderstandings, and industry myths for working with the Chinese films. The panelists will attempt to address these issues during the discussion.
Pre-sign up is strongly recommended. For actors, please bring your headshots and CV with you for possibility of onsite audition.


  The Panel Speakers  
  Xierzati Yahrfu, Director
Mr. Xierzati Yahrfu is a well know film director, graduated from Beijing Film Institute at 1985, start work as artist for Tian Shan Film Studio, then he become a director for this well named film studio. He is the leading and creator of Western Warm Style of directing method, also specified in folk topics. Film “ Mai-Mai-Ti’s 2008” won best children film and best new director award of the 27th golden rooster award; Film “ Love Song of Tulufan “ was in the Festival de Cannes; also won the Five number one awards. Film “Under the Sky of Urumqi” and “ Fresh Flower” bring the Western Warm Style in to a art form in China; “Meet in Pyongyong “ won award in Seoul Guro International Kids Film Festival. " General Love" Won the Best Film award at 2016 Universe Multicultural Film Festival and it is invited to submit to the 2017 Academy award (Oscar)  
  Mr. Mingsheng Wang, Producer
Mr.Wang is a successful film producer and planner. He is the founder of Shenzhen Qianhai Taidong Culture Media Co. And Shenzhen Yuemu Taidong Film Media Co. He has produced film “ Find a Rich & Handsome Man”; “Eagle Flute. Snow Lotus”; " The painted girls’ Face”; “Crzay golden buddhist”. Mr.Wang is the member of Shenzhen Film & TV Association, Board member of Shenzhen Film & TV Industry Association, Vice chairman of Guangzhong Province Sichuan Meishan chamber of Commerce. 
  Mengnan Li,  Actor, Director
Mr.Li is a famouse actor in China,  has been in leading role for over 20 TV serieses that consist of 700 eposals;  18 films; 5 stage plays.  He is also a film and stage show director.  He won the best actor award at Macu International Film Festival; Best actor and Audience favor actor award in 2014 Cross Board Short Film Festival.
  Yan Zeng,Screenwriter, Producer
Ms.Yan Zeng is a young and raising producer in China. She is the General Manager of Feng Guo Film ( Shanghai) Ltd, has produced three well know children films,”Mulan”,”Handam learn to walk”;”Keep Beauty in the Golden Room”. She bring her new film “The Blue and Red flowers” and TV  series “Hero Tales from Chinese History” to San Diego International Kids’ Film Festival to find Co-production partners and non-asian faces actors 
  RANDY KENT; Producer, Director
IMDb: ;Randy shot Bagboy Productions first feature film in 2002: Life, Death & Mini-Golf. The production was entirely self-financed and filmed in only three locations over a 14-day period. The drama ensemble is noted for being the first feature film role of comedy star, Kristen Wiig. Since then, Kent has written, produced, directed and co-directed numerous feature film projects including: Life Of Lemon, The Perfect House, The Lempke Brothers and Shadow Of The Monarch. Other projects Randy is attached to direct and produce include the character-driven thriller, Road To Rosarito; the ‘80s homage, spiritual adventure, The Wizard Project; a TV show & feature film based on the mock band, Drunk N Stupid; A spiritual medical drama, Life & Death; And the feature length version of Timmy, The Bag Boy. Randy also runs the commercial production company, Zeropoint30 Productions, where he produces commercials/promos for DIRECTV, East West Bank, Lunex Telecom, Naturalena and Seafood City Supermarkets.
  Xibai Yuan, Producer, Investor
Mr. Yuan is a successful and well knows film producer and investor. Graduate from Beijing People University, currently is the CEO of Shi Yue Tian Media Co.,Ltd. He has invested 15 feature films. The “Rizhao Good Man” won the 14th China Hua Biao Award, the best foreign producer award of 18th International Family Film Festival ( Los Angeles) and many others awards 
  Ms Lidong Zhang; screenwriter, Producer
Ms. Zhang is a professional screenwriter, director, and a doctor. She graduated from Naikai university, member of china international screenwriter association  , contract writer of Shengda Literature ; founder  of Tang Shan New Films&TV. Has been involved with many we'll know Film and TV projects
Mr.Jun Wang, Director
Mr.Jun Wang graduate from Shanghai Drama Institute in 1994, currently works at Guangzhong TV station as director. He is a well know big event director, such as “Beautiful in Flower City” for 5 years in a roll;  “ Flower Age” competition; “United”; “Ms.Singer” Competition and “Asian Sports Competition”. As film director, he directed” Lucky FeiFei” and “ The swinging Days”.
Laihung Mung, Producer,Actress, Investor
Ms. Mung is a successful business woman and a outstanding actress. She has been focus on investment in Children films. Currently, she has been produce and invested on 5 children films both in Hong Kong and China. As actress, she has been playing roles in many films. She is searching more film projects in San Diego International Kids’ Film Festival.

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