Screenplay Showcase at 2016 San Diego International Kids Film Festival
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  Screenplay Showcases of 2016 San Diego International Kids Film Festival    

In honor of the finalist of the Screenplay contest, SDIKFF use the real director who cast the actors to perform the best parts of the screenplays. This showcase brings the story from the paper to a real play.  

Location: American Spirit Theater (1868 East Valley Parkway, Escondido CA 92027)
Time: 2:00-3:00PM, August 28, 2016 


Showcase I :Screenplay Title: The Transmogrification of St Bunnycrisp (South Africa)
Writer: Cate Wood Hunter
Director:Geoffrey A. Cox 

Geoffrey A. Cox, Director
Geoffrey is an outstanding Director, Actor, Singer, Artist and Arts Educator in San Diego. He has assembled many talented casts for a number of exceptional productions both in adult and children theaters throughout California, Arizona, and Texas. His productions have been rated among the best from many media sources including “North County Times”, "San Diego Tribune", “NewsBlaze”, “Panhandle News”, “LGBT PRIDE”, etc. Most recently he directed this summer's hit musical Beauty & The Beast at Kit Carson Park Amphitheater. His past Board Associations include: Pickwick Players, Yuma Community Theatre, Looking Glass Theatre; and currently serves as the Artistic Manager of Patio Playhouse.Geoffrey is an accredited writer for the Walt Disney Company with his original musical Once Upon A Dream. He is also the Artistic Director of his own
Deborah Zimmer, Narrator
Deborah Zimmer has an MFA in Theater Production/Lighting Design from Brooklyn College and has been designing lights, directing and acting for local Junior Colleges and Community Theaters in North San Diego County since 1987.  Over the years she has been honored by both Patio Playhouse and ACT (Association of Community Theaters) with numerous acting and lighting design awards.  She is currently director of both an adult and youth cast of players in 'Off the Cuff Improv' based out of Patio Playhouse Community and Youth Theater in Escondido.  In her 'real' life she is a licensed optician working for Kaiser Permanente in the Optical Department at the Vista, CA clinic.



Showcase II: Screenplay Title: Genius Plan (China)
Writer: Lidong Zhang
Director: David Sun

David Sun, director
Mr.Sun graduated from Central Drama Institute  in Beijing at 1998, has been art director for many stage, TV and Film projects. He had directed over 50 digital films for the China Movie Chanel, “ legendary of Lu Xiao Feng”, “ The Guard” won Baihe award, film” Wish Sky” won Golden Angeles award.  As art director, “ Runing On Karma” as representation of Hong Kong  for 2004 Oscar  nomination. Currently, David is living in Los Angles, work as director for stage show “leftover woman oversea”.  


Victor as Baoge David Zhang ( Qiangzi); Daniel Zhang (A Wang) Chenxing (SASA); Madeline Lee ( Ai Mi); Melanie Li(Xiao Fang) Kandice Liu as Teacher Admin Lin as Principle 

 @2016 San Deigo International Kids' Film Festival