Jury members of 2016 San Diego International Kids Film Festival
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   Jury Committee of 2016 San Diego International Kids' Film Festival  
  Kevin Tostado
Kevin Tostado is an Emmy award-winning producer and filmmaker from San Diego, CA. After completing his Engineering degree, he began developing and producing compelling content for theaters, television, and the internet. Most recently, he produced "Eternity: The Movie" featuring Eric Roberts and Jon Gries and he directed and produced the 2011 documentary "Under the Boardwalk: The MONOPOLY Story," which won four regional Emmy awards.
Previously, Kevin has shot a webseries for NBC's Heroes and has worked on many projects including music videos and commercials for the Disney Channel and Subway. Kevin is a member of the Producers Guild of America
  Jeri Jacquin; Movie Maven
Jeri Jacquin is an entertainment journalist for local San Diego papers including Military Press as well as her own websites at http://moviemaven.intuitwebsites.com. Covering film, television, DVD releases and interviewing talent Ms. Jacquin gives an honest opinion of what is released in theatres. A member of the San Diego Film Critics Society she is given the opportunity to attend film festivals and view independent films that otherwise might go unnoticed by film-goers! "Some of the most amazing films I have experienced come from storytellers and filmmakers that are free from big studio constraints", she says regarding the enjoyment of festival films, "being a part of the San Diego International Kids' Film Festival is such an honor and the opportunity to see films that are geared towards kids and family is very important to me as a parent, and now, grandparent
  Tim Swain, Producer
Tim has overseen key profit centers of some of the most successful independent film companies in the last 30 years - including New World Pictures and Trimark Entertainment (currently Lions Gate Entertainment). He is an innovative distributor, marketer and producer. In his extensive experience in the distribution, sales, marketing, and production of theatrical, DVD, PPV,VOD and television films in the worldwide marketplace, Tim has served in a variety of positions including Executive Vice President of Domestic Distribution of Trimark Entertainment. He was also one of the initial partners of MovieWeb.com.
In addition to currently representing clients in all areas of the worldwide marketplace, Tim has produced and executive produced 13 Feature Films, including "Dahmer", which was nominated for 3 IFP Spirit Awards, and the award-winning and critically acclaimed documentaries "Screamers" - featuring System of a Down - and "Class C" - featuring NBA legend Phil Jackson. Tim has produced films featuring the talented Jeremy Renner (2 Academy Award nominations) Beau Bridges (11 Emmys and 4 Golden Globes nominations), Bruce Davidson (1 Academy Award nomination) and worldwide singing sensation Whitney Houston.
Also, Tim recently co-founded Russian Film Releasing which releases theatrically successful Russian language films in the US. Tim currently oversees Domestic Distribution for Aldamisa Entertainment which just finished production on the Billy Bob Thornton directed "JAYNE MANSFIELDS CAR", D.J. Caruso's "GOAT ISLAND", Renny Harlin's "DYATLOV PASS" and is in Production on Robert Rodriguez"s "MACHETE KILLS" and is Pre-Production on Robert Rodriguez's "SIN CITY 2 
  Theo Davies, Director, screenwriter
After graduating from Reading University in England in 2001, with a degree in English, Film and Theatre, Theo attended the New York Film Academy in London.
Theo has worked in film and television for fifteen years as a freelance writer, director and producer. In 2012, he directed his first feature, '5 Hour Friends', starring Tom Sizemore. The film was distributed in 24 countries worldwide by Paramount Pictures. Last year, Theo wrote the screenplay for a feature film he will also be directing, entitled ‘An American Hero' - a biopic about Frank Shankwitz, the founding father of the beloved 'Make-A-Wish' Foundation. The film is being produced by an Academy Award winning producer at Universal. Theo is also the founder of the Southern California Screenplay Competition 
  Mr.James Riley
James Riley is a co-organizer of the Movie Connoisseurs of North County. Movie Connoisseurs is a meet-up movie discussion group where members meet and watch a movie together while enjoying a meal prepared by the host. Discussion follows the movie. The focus is on movies with great characters and multiple layers. The group currently has 41 members and meets on a monthly basis. 
James has been a fan of movies for many years. Although by profession he works in City government, he has performed in musical theatre, acted in a couple of short films over the years, and is an avid reader of history. All of these interests come together in his love of movies. It is these skills that he brings to being a part of the San Diego International Kids Film Festival 
  Jonathan LaPoma: 
Jonathan LaPoma has written five award-winning screenplays, two novels, and hundreds of songs and poems. His screenplays have won 38 awards/honors in various international screenwriting competitions since 2013, including the Grand Jury Prize in both the 2014 Hollywood Screenplay Contest and the 2015 Las Vegas Screenplay Contest, and the Grand Prize in the 2014 London Film Awards. His script A NOBLE TRUTH will be published by Laughing Fire Press in mid-2015. Jonathan's work often explores themes of alienation and misery as human constructions that can be overcome through self-understanding and the acceptance of suffering. He lives in San Diego, CA 
  Ms.Robin Garland, Screenwriter
Robin has read Scripts for Los Angeles Script Writer's Network and was Script judge/reader for Big Bear International Screenplay Competition. Her novel "Because Of Me "was written and adapted by her into to screenplay, which made it to the Semi-finals at the Nashville Screenplay Competition. Her latest creative effort is a children’s series called Tangle wood and the first book is titled, Cowlicks & Freckles. She is illustrating all the artwork and has already adapted this into an animation screenplay. Currently, she is working on two drama screenplays, a comedy, and two new books. Robin’s interview with New York Times Best-Selling Author, Caroline Leavitt has been published in a national magazine 
Herb Moore, Animator
Herb Moore has been passionately entrenched in the animation industry for 25 years, having worked for all of the major studios, such as Disney, Cartoon Network, Universal and Warner Bros., and numerous smaller studios as well. Some of his favorite productions include Animaniacs, Pinky & the Brain, Scooby Doo, Class of 3000, Firehouse Tales, Special Agent Oso and Phineas & Ferb. He has been privileged to work with many talented people in pre-production, post production, sound effects, music & voice recording.
Herb has been nominated for three Emmys and has received five Emmy certificates in recognition of his contributions on Animaniacs, Pinky & the Brain, Tutenstein and Phineas & Ferb. He is currently working at Disney on Star vs the Forces of Evil, and several productions at Warner Bros. and is beginning to illustrate his yet untitled third children’s book
  Ms.Marte Riley 
Marte is co-founder of the movie- discussion meetup, "Movie Connoisseurs". Her mission is to expose others to overlooked movies that portray rich stories and complex characters. By including a meal with the discussion, her desire was to create a social forum for people to share their insights with one another. Her husband and three children actively help her prepare for the monthly meetup events and share their comments during the discussions. Since she is an opera singer, musician and songwriter, her appreciation of story-telling naturally grew into a love of good films. She is very enthusiastic about filmmakers who bring an outside-the-box perspective to their work. Marte believes that film is not just a source of entertainment. It can also be a catalyst for new ways of seeing ourselves and our culture. In our highly visual world, Marte hopes that more people will share how they feel about the movies that they see. 
  Giovanni Tartaglia
Giovanni's passion for filmmaking began when he was about 12 years old. His father had bought our first videocamera, and it was fascinating to him. He would watch the behind-the-scenes documentaries of all his favorite films, and try to re-create some of the shots. As the years went by, his passion grew more and more, making short films with my younger brother and friends. After graduating high school, he went on to pursue my studies at The Los Angeles Film School (LAFS) in 2008, where he received an Associates of Science in Film Production. There he learned everything from screenwriting, to producing, directing, editing, and more. 
  Karl Weiss, Film studio executive 
Karl is the leader of film group representing over 200 San Diego film professionals, also a screenwriter, and studio owner. He has his own production team that can make the film from start to finish. Karl has been the San Diego International Kids Film Festival Jury committee in the 6th years.
JACOB N. STUART, Screenwriter
IMDb: www.imdb.com/name/nm3714544. Jacob is an award-winning and represented screenwriter, with OVER 15 scripts optioned and/or produced to screen, airing in OVER 7 different countries. Going into 2016, Jacob currently has 1 feature-length screenplay sold, 2 feature-length screenplays optioned, and 2 short scripts in post-production. He is the Founder of the popular Screenwriting Staffing [www.screenwritingstaffing.com], an online screenwriting community that has facilitated OVER 125 success stories in 3 years (for both screenwriters and producers). Jacob was previously the Screenplay Contest Director for the Cincinnati Film Festival. He has spoke on screenwriting for FilmDayton, WriteStuff Writers Conference, 48 Hour Film Festival, and MANY more. He graduated in 2010 from The Los Angeles Film School, with a concentration in screenwriting. He also is a contributor for Creative Screenwriting Magazine. Jacob's personal web-site: www.JacobNStuart.com. You can follow Jacob on Twitter @JacobNStuart
RANDY KENT; Producer, Director
IMDb: www.imdb.com/name/nm0448831. ;Randy shot Bagboy Productions first feature film in 2002: Life, Death & Mini-Golf. The production was entirely self-financed and filmed in only three locations over a 14-day period. The drama ensemble is noted for being the first feature film role of comedy star, Kristen Wiig. Since then, Kent has written, produced, directed and co-directed numerous feature film projects including: Life Of Lemon, The Perfect House, The Lempke Brothers and Shadow Of The Monarch. Other projects Randy is attached to direct and produce include the character-driven thriller, Road To Rosarito; the ‘80s homage, spiritual adventure, The Wizard Project; a TV show & feature film based on the mock band, Drunk N Stupid; A spiritual medical drama, Life & Death; And the feature length version of Timmy, The Bag Boy. Randy also runs the commercial production company, Zeropoint30 Productions, where he produces commercials/promos for DIRECTV, East West Bank, Lunex Telecom, Naturalena and Seafood City Supermarkets. Randy's personal page: http://www.randykent.com
  Colin Tandy, Youth Jury
Colin is in his second year at UCLA and is an English major minoring in film. He currently interns for Surf Dog Records in Encinitas where he edits promotional vides for the label's bands including Eric Clapton, the Brian Setzer Orchestra, Glenn Campbell and Sublime among others. Colin also hosts his own radio show called "Beneath the Beach" at UCLAradio.com. Recently, he hosted a radio show called "Bruins Talkin' Tunes" where he interviewed many artists, writers and voice actors in the animation industry. His favorite guests have been Bill Fagebakke, the voice of Patrick Star from "Sponge Bob Square Pants", Dave Lewman, the writer for the comedy "Drawn Together", and Jay Howell, the creator of the "Bob's Burgers" characters and the creator of the animated hit, "Sanjay and Craig".

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