2016 San Diego International Kids Film Festival
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2016 San Diego International Kids' Film Festival
August 26-28, 2016

Schulman Auditorium (1775 Dove Lane, Carlsbad, Ca 92011)
Senior Center( 799 Pine Avenue Carlsbad, CA 92008)
American Spirit Theater (1868 East Valley Parkway, Escondido CA 92027)
SDPL Point Loma/Hervey Branch ( 3701 Voltaire St, San Diego, CA 92107)

The 2016 San Diego International Kids' Film Festival

The Winners  
Award   Winner
Grand Jury Prize - Best Feature   Nuomi's Apple (China) 
Grand Jury Prize - Best Short   Milvio (USA)
Special Jury Award   Fluffy Marky - Vol 1 (Canada)
Best Youth-made Film   Fairytale (USA)
Best Kids-made Film   The Guardians of the World (Russia)
Best Animated Feature Film   Blinky Bill: The Movie (Australia) 
Best Animated Short Film   Fox Tale (Korea) 
Best Feature Screenplay   Aurelie Laflamme: Somewhat Grounded (Canada)
Best Short Screenplay   A Night at the Movies (USA)
Best Actor in A Leading Role   Mengnan Li - The Swinging Days (China)
Best Actress in A Leading Role   Jung Jae-yeon - Polaroid (Korea)
Best Kid Performance in Feture Film   Murilo Quirino - The Dionti Family (Brazil/UK) 
Best Kid Performance in Short Film   Perry Chen Norman - The Monkey King Is In Town (USA) 
Rising Star Award   Chunhao Lan, Mingxuan Li, Lixuan Han, Yuanwei Wan, Xinyan Shi 
Best Musical Film   The Lottery (USA)
Best Music Score in Feature Film   Eagle-bone Flute & Saussurea Involucrata (China)
Best Music Score in Short Film   Monkey King Hero is Back (China)
Best Drama Feature Film   B12 (Iran)
Best Drama Short Film   The Autumn of Zao (France)
Best Family Feature Film   Santa's Boot Camp (USA)
Best Family Short Film   Closer Then They Appear (Russia)
Best Documentary Feature   A Little Girl's Dream (Japan)
Best Documentary Short   Chandler's Ark (USA)
Make A Difference Award   Our World the Fight with Pollution (India)
Final Draft Prize for Screenplay Competition - Feature Screenplay   Sparkles (USA) - Christine List
Foreign Original - Feature Screenplay   Genius Plan (China) - Lidong Zhang
Final Draft Prize for Screenplay Competition - Short Screenplay   The Fairy & The Princess (USA) - Bruna Matsin 


Official Selection---Screenplays:

Feature Screenplays:
Camp Pirate Cruise (USA) - Kristy Johnson & Bee Pedersen
Genius Plan (China) - Lidong Zhang
Hatched (USA) - Timothy Benson
Local Sugar (USA) - Andrew Garrett
Ogindro Mar (China) - Alfonso Ron Jeb
Red Ivory (USA) - Larry Thomas
Riley's Rainbow (USA) - Gunnar Garrett
Sparkles (USA) - Christine List
The Adventure of Super Bambina (USA) - Linda Falcao
The Blue and Red Flowers (China) - Yuexuan Wu
The Love of Hunan Girls (China) - Youjing Yao
The Transmogrification of St Bunnycrisp (South Africa)- Cate Wood Hunter
Three Fathers (USA) - Vicki Bartholomew

Short Screenplays:
FLY! (USA) - Dave Chan
Orville (Canada) - Shayne Kasai
The Fairy & The Princess (USA) - Bruna Matsin
The Jew's Harp (USA) - Giuseppe LiMandri

Official Selection---Shorts

A Brave Bunch (Poland)
A Night at the Movies (USA)
A Perfect Day (USA)
A Small Stubbornness (Korea)
Act One (Italy)
Bad Chair Day (USA)
Be-be-bears (Russia)
Billy the Kid (UK)
Blackmail (USA)
Book Box (Canada)
Buffalo Song (USA)
Chandler's Ark (USA)
Closer then they appear (Russia)
Coin Boy (Taiwan)
Dance of Shadows (Taiwan)
DreamScope (USA)
Fabric Cosmos (Korea)
Filip (Sweden)
First Chair (USA)
First Love (USA)
Flying Away (USA)
For Old Time's Sake (USA)
Force-Full Imagination Part 2 (USA)
Fox Tale (Korea)
Hey Deer! (Hungary)
I am Not A Mouse (UK)
Inside A Bundle (Korea)
Inventing a Laugh (USA)
Invitation (Korea)
iTime Travel (USA)
Jammies, Teeth, Prayers & Bed (USA)
Kids From Planet Earth (USA) 
Little Pig (USA)
Little Shimajiro (Japan)
Lost In Spring  (UK)
Love Song of the Drone (USA)
Maartin (Finland)
Magic LanteKiller Recipe (USA)
Kitty Cat Comes To Town (USA)
Klaazor (USA)
Le Machino (France)
Light Drifter (USA)
rn (Russia)
Maisa, The Chamoru Girl who save Guahan (USA)
Mars 3752 (France)
Mermaids on Mars (USA)
Milvio (USA)
Minoule (France)
Mission Sunday (India)
Monkey King Hero is Back (China)
Mooch (India)
My Pet Shisa (USA)
Myna & Asterix (India)
Nieta (Argentina)
Notorious Corn (France)
Ogress of the Gravelbank (Canada)
Our World the Fight with Pollution (India)
Papaveri e papere (Italy)
Paper Mates (Russia)
Peri & Jin (Germany)
Picked (USA)
Polka Dott (USA)
Real Strength (Denmark)
Rolando Locomotov, He's the master! (Russia) 
Safiyah Flies Across The Ocean (UK)
Singularity (UK)
Someone Good Will Find You (USA)
Spaghetti (Australia)
Speaking of Fairies (USA)
Spill (Australia)
Star Taxi (Slovakia)
Stinky Feet: The Short (USA)
Sunny Day (China)
Super Girl (India)
The Art of Waggery (USA)
The Autumn of Zao  (France)
The Chimney Sweep (France)
The Circus Princess (Russia)
The Gift (USA)
The great adventure of Manel and the Magic Toothpicks (Spain)
The Hydrogen Song (USA)
The Lottery (USA)
The Monkey King Is In Town (China)
The One Who Tamed the Clouds (France)
The Roses (USA)
The Top Secret Findings of Ethel P. Clearwater (Australia)
The Walk (USA)
The Word Detective: Really, Really Old (USA)
Tour de Force (Netherlands)
TripBook (France)
Unmasked (USA)
Vam-Pie-Her (USA)
Water We Do (USA)
Wussywat the Clumsy Cat - Glue (UK)
Zoo Story (India) 


Official Selection---Films Made By Youth & Kids: 

Films Made by Kids:

14, 508 (USA)
A Grand Forest (USA)
Behind the Rocks (Canada)
Black & White (USA)
Cricket (USA)
Don't Get Tagged (USA)
Holiday of Holidays (USA)
In the Depth (Germany)
Let's Catch a Movie (USA)
Reconnect (Spain)
Saving Lola (Australia)
School. Yards. Friends (USA)
Schools, Education and Children (USA)
The Cookie Tree (USA)
The Cosmospinguin (Austria)
The Grocery Store of Dream (Taiwan)
The Guardians of the World (Russia)
The Horror-able Day (USA)
The Woods (USA)
Then Again (USA)
Who Stole FIFI's Fruit-eating Gene? (Taiwan)
Yosemite (USA)

Films Made by Youth

#Blacklivesmatter (USA)
A Sea of Stories (USA)
Baby Face (USA)
Camping Trip (USA)
Fairytale (USA)
Foam - The Story of a Shaper (USA)
He, She (USA)
I don't want to live anywhere else (Sweden)
Istoria Lumina (Romania)
Journey (USA)
Lady of Paint Creek (USA)
Lone Wolf (USA)
Mentoring Our Future (USA)
Only what I need (USA)
Rosie (USA)
Sleep (USA)
Street Smarts (USA)
Ujana (USA)


Official Selection---Features

A Horse with Hope (China)
A Little Girl's Dream (Japan)
Aurelie Laflamme: Somewhat Grounded (Canada)
B12 (Iran)
Big Lotus Little Lotus (China)
Blinky Bill: The Movie (Australia)
Bombeyaata (India)
Dummie the Mummy and the Sphinx of Shakaba (Netherlands)
Eagle-bone Flute & Saussurea Involucrata (China)
Fluffy Marky - Vol 1 (Canada) 
Guru Dian (Indonesia)
Incomparable Beauty (China)
Nuomi's Apple  (China)
Polaroid (Korea)
Santa's Boot Camp (USA)
Take A Chance (USA)
The Dionti Family (Brazil/UK)
The Great Guys (China)
The Little Gypsy Witch (Austria/Croatia/Macedonia)
The Swing Days (China)

Special Showing:

 Mai Mai Ti's 2008 (China) The King of Tibetan Antelope ( China) 



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