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All About 2016 San Diego International Kids Film Festival

  2016 San Diego International Kids Film Festival  
Screenplay Showcase Admission: FREE
Locations:American Spirit Theater (1868 East Valley Parkway, Escondido CA 92027);  Screenplay Showcase schedule:



Camp Pirate Cruise (USA) - Kristy Johnson & Bee Pedersen
Synopsis:Sixth graders Win, Aura, and Dante think the only problem with sixth grade camp aboard a fully- functioning pirate ship is to avoid the bullies. Boy, are they wrong! Aura can see Fred, a teen pirate ghost who doesn't know he's 300 years in the future. He hijacks the Sea Ghost and sails it into the Devil's Triangle. There, they encounter a Siren who summons away the crew and teachers and leaves the kids all alone. A Sea Monster awakens the curse, which Aura and her friends must break in order to free the pirates. Will they ever return home?

  Genius Plan (China) - Lidong Zhang
Synopsis: When a mathematical genius joined the genius Institute, what an amazing science fiction journey will he has, when encountering the various talents, such as animal talent, voice talent etc. And how will the brave little geniuses defeat the bad guys to defend their pure spiritual homeland?
The educational philosophy of Genius Institute is: advocate advantage cultivation, emphasize practice, education of love, express the liberation of nature, independence, inclusiveness, teach students in accordance to their aptitudes.
Hatched (USA) - Timothy Benson
Synopsis: Three middle schoolers race to save a city under siege after a greedy extermination company's genetic experimentation goes horribly wrong.
  Local Sugar (USA) - Andrew Garrett
Synopsis:LOCAL SUGAR is a retelling of 'Froggy Went a' Courtin' with a hefty helping of Cajun spice. When the villainous Rowley (a frog, 'natch) leaps in and steals Sly Snake's fiancee (Mary Lou, the mouse mayor of Sugarville), Sly must get to the bottom of a plot that threatens the whole town. Will Sly save his own skin and get the girl, or will Rowley get a leg up on the competition?
Ogindro Mar (China) - Alfonso Ron Jeb
Synopsis: A Buddha Eye Beads, Benba decided to let go of Tibet, also raises his story. Thirty years ago, mother vanilla with three years of him, to the Tibetan garrison Tracy to visit his father, and, Behold, Tracy ranch outbreak of the plague, cars can not enter the curfew zone, as a military Ken Chen busy dealing with the plague, also unable to extricate themselves. That night, a storm and the destruction of communication facilities, a total loss of contact with the family.
  Red Ivory (USA) - Larry Thomas
Synopsis: Attempting to fulfill his son¡¯s last wish, a distraught father travels to Africa and teams with a feisty female park ranger to help deter poachers and protect the endangered elephants.
Riley's Rainbow (USA) - Gunnar Garrett
Synopsis:After the death of her mother, a high school freshman sets out to prove she can carry on her mother¡¯s rodeo legacy with the help of a varsity jock.
  Sparkles (USA) - Christine List
Synopsis:When her sister goes away to college, ten Gabby steals the neighbor¡¯s dog and decides to keep it in under her bed.
The Adventure of Super Bambina (USA) - Linda Falcao
Synopsis:A young Latina girl with a superhero obsession suddenly acquires magical powers from a mysterious stranger, but must hide them from her crazily overprotective parents as she goes out to save the world. The only problem is that there¡¯s a real villain in her community who¡¯s threatening her school, and a real bully who¡¯s out to expose her secret..
  The Blue and Red Flowers (China) - Yuexuan Wu
Synopsis:There was a mystery kingdom in the ocean ,everyone in this kingdom lived a happy life. ShaQi , a killer whale , is the sheriff of the kingdom, he is in charge of management of public security .The most helpful citizen in the kingdom was a lovely little bulb fish , and little lobster was a troublemaker
The Love of Hunan Girls (China) - Youjing Yao
Synopsis: With local tourism development project being carried out in  a vigorous manner, San Mei who graduated from the foreign trade of tourism major catches up with the good situation of hometown. The pretty girl and Liu Dakui, the Hong Kong investor, outstandingly establish the performing art troupe named ‘Hunan Girls Group’, which shows local conditions and customs, fascinating scenery, delicious food and the delight of life. While San Mei contributes to her hometown with great wisdom and affection, she successfully manages her career and catches her love through transcendent and unique emotional thinking.
  The Transmogrification of St Bunnycrisp (South Africa)- Cate Wood Hunter
Synopsis:Into the life of cowardly Poppy comes a scary 6 foot tall talking rabbit whose job it is to give bullies a taste of their own medicine. But Poppy is a good girl, it¡¯s Jessica who is mean, who makes Poppy¡¯s life miserable, who gave Poppy the stupid rabbit as a 10th birthday present in the first place! But then he was just a soft-toy; not this monster in her closet. Did St. Bunnycrisp get sent to the wrong girl? On the way to finding the answers to these questions Poppy and St. Bunnycrisp become best friends and go on adventures in a parallel fantasy realm. That is until St. Bunnycrisp¡¯s fate is threatened by the cruel Icemaiden, and Poppy will have to find the courage to save her friends¡¯ lives on her own.
Three Fathers (USA) - Vicki Bartholomew
Synopsis:Melody arrives in Yinchuan, China, hoping to get to know her American businessman father better. Things do not go as planned and she stays with a Chinese family whose teen daughter is reluctant to welcome her. Both girls learn about themselves, each other, being a part of a family, and a different culture.


FLY! (USA) - Dave Chan
Synopsis:A young Fly, trapped between a window and a bug screen, struggles to escape before a hungry spider and an angry human get to him first. In doing so, the Fly learns a valuable lesson in forgiveness and self-sacrifice.
  Orville (Canada) - Shayne Kasai
Synopsis: ORVILLE is a clever nine year old who is easily bored because his MOTHER challenges him intellectually with questions that he can easily answer, but choses not to. Orville’s brother WILBUR is a trouble-maker who would rather stay out of trouble 
The Fairy & The Princess (USA) - Bruna Matsin
Synopsis:A little girl, princess of her imaginary kingdom, meets the fairy of her dreams on her birthday.
  The Jew's Harp (USA) - Giuseppe LiMandri
Synopsis:A boy, home from boarding school, bored and detatched from his family, finds in an older man playing a Jew's Harp , a companion to his own music style, beat boxing. Their unusual music and friendship heals both of them. 

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