2014 SDIKFF Co-Produce Film with China Panel
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 2014 San Diego International Kids' Film Festival
Sept. 5-7, 2014
AMN HealthCare Theater, San Diego, CA

2014 SDIKFF  "Co-Produce Film With China"  Panel 

China's limitations on the annual number of Hollywood movies allowed to be distributed within China has meant a huge boost to the production and success of domestic films. China's film revenues have grown by 25% a year for the past 9 years. How can Western filmmakers participate in this growth? Is there a window of opportunity for the West? And if so, what are the pitfalls, common misunderstandings, and industry myths? The panelists will attempt to address these issues during the discussion.

Yunming Jiang, Director, Cinema photographer
Mr.Jiang graduated from Beijing Film Institute, he has been making movies for over 35 years. As director, he directed over 10 TV series that combined over 500 episodes which bring him many national awards; In film, he direct 8+ films that show his talent in representing the ethnicity cultures. As Cinema Photographer, he worked with over 250 episodes of TV series and won 10 awards. Currently, his is the board member of China Children Film Association, CEO of Da Dian Yun Ying Film & TV Company.


Ping Jiang, Producer, Screenwriter, Model Agent
Ms.Jiang is the CEO of Letong Cultural Media—a well know event management company in China. She has been making movie start from the talent agent, casting director, screen writer, executive director for many TV and films , then become a producer and film investor. Even though, she has been produced over 10 big events, such as Model competitions, youth Art competitions, etc. The first movie she produced is "Feeling the Love Flute " that will screening in 2014 San Diego International Kids Film Festival.

Bandi Zhao, Artist/Director/Screenwriter/Producer
Mr.Zhao has been a well-known painter and multimedia artist in China. He has been invited to participate in the ‘Venice Biennale’ and other international exhibitions. Since 1999, he started to use panda to make multiple and cross-border creation. His masterpiece of performance art ‘Panda Fashion Show’, and other works have caused enormous impact and controversy in Chinese art community and society. ZHAO always takes his own way with a talent of allegory. This is the first film he directed.
Suyala Qiqige, Producer
Suyala Qiqige is a Inner Mongolian artist and producer. She became a dancer at the age of sixteen. Later she started her career of film production and acting. She has produced many Mongolian films that introduce the legend characters and stories from the grassland, such as "The Singing King on the Horseback", "Little Sisters of the Grassland." She also played some roles in these films. The "Little Sisters of the Grassland" won the best children film award at 2014 Universe Multicultural Film Festival

Heyi Liu; Executive director
Mr.Liu is the CEO of Laike Image Movie & TV Culture Media Co., General Manager of Hua Yu Media Company ( Hongkong), Mr. Yu has been managed and produced many modeling competition events, organized international culture exchange activates. He enjoys making films for children, and has been get involved for two great Children films since 2009. Now, he wish to make films with people from worldwide. 

Erdong Su; Composers/Musician/Producer/Distributor
Mr.Su is a famous musician with expertise in Hui ethnic music. He composes, plays and performs the songs and musicals national wide. After his success in Musical, he starts to produce, direct films that express the Hui ethnic cultures and beautiful stories. Since 2010, he has produced three great movies, and successfully distributed them on theater, TV and district theaters in China. The “ Never Look Back” is his 3rd film that will be screening in the 2014 San Diego international Kids film festival.


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