2014 SDIKFF Screenplay for worldwide audience Panel
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 2014 San Diego International Kids' Film Festival
Sept. 5-7, 2014
AMN HealthCare Theater, San Diego, CA
2014 SDIKFF  "Screenplay for Worldwide Audience"  Panel Speakers

Shamil Erfanian, Producer

Shamil Erfanian was the development producer of Opus Pictures, at the Universal City, NBC Universal  tower. He is responsible for the development, rewrites, production and post production of motion pictures. His extensive background in script development and analysis at Opus Pictures, has been a vital asset in the rewrite and development of up and coming writers.  His unique approach to script development has been a key to "fixing" character and story issues and weaknesses.

In addition to his duties at Opus Pictures, he continuously provides script development and analysis for various production companies, including Bandito Bros., Super Nova Films and Black Label Entertainment amongst others, featuring scripts ranging from $500k to $1M. 

Kimberly Seilhamer, writer / director / producer
Kimberly Seilhamer is a feature film writer / director / producer and former US Marine. She presently has one script in active development with Larry Levinson Productions (HOMETOWN HERO, FAMILY, 2014), three produced feature Written by credits (JACK THE REAPER, HORROR, 2011 ; INSIDE IRVIN, PSYCHOLOGICAL DRAMA, 2004; THE KEYMAN, DRAMA, 2002), one feature Directed by credit (JACK THE REAPER, HORROR, 2011) , and some production credits (JACK THE REAPER, EXECUTIVE PRODUCED BY).
Seilhamer also consults on or “Doctors” feature scripts that need help (see her BrassBrad.com site) as time permits. Kimberly has two production companies. Kilo Entertainment produces mainstream genre films -- look for JACK THE REAPER (aka One by One: Death's Door), which enjoyed its first premiere at Marche Du Cannes Film Market on May 11, 2011 AND reaped BEST HORROR / SCIFI film at the Cannes Independent Film Festival the same year. Seilhamer is currently penning the sequel to Jack the Reaper, called DOMAIN OF MOLOCH. She hopes to shoot this film in Spring 2016. Her second production company, Baakari Entertainment, focuses on films about animals, the environment, and humanity.

Doochan Kim; Producer/Investor

Mr. Doochan Kim  is a successful  Korean  producer and investor in film and TV. His investment with the film industry since 1997, have been invested and  produced over  15 + TV and Films in Drama, comedy, and Children.   Many top ranked Korean film directors have been worked with Mr.Kim.  His film “The Friends” is the finalist of 2014 San Diego International Kids Film Festival.  


Bandi Zhao, Artist/Screenwriter/Director/Producer
Mr.Zhao has been a well-known painter and multimedia artist in China. He has been invited to participate in the ‘Venice Biennale’ and other international exhibitions. Since 1999, he started to use panda to make multiple and cross-border creation. His masterpiece of performance art ‘Panda Fashion Show’, and other works have caused enormous impact and controversy in Chinese art community and society. ZHAO always takes his own way with a talent of allegory. This is the first film he directed.

Richardo Pineda; Screenwriter
"Ricardo Pineda is a seasoned journalist and film enthusiast now transitioning into the industry in the role of screenwriter. His work as a reporter for print media has taken him on numerous occasions to international film festivals and press junkets, conducting interviews with many distinguished personalities in the entertainment field, both in the United States and throughout Latin America. Born in Venezuela, his constant passion and knowledge regarding filmmaking won him the role of associate producer on a local television show, plus active participation behind the scenes on documentaries and short films that reflect the importance of cultural and environmental heritage. He currently resides in San Diego, having attended some seminars and finishing his first script, an action thriller, all while continuing his free-lance assignments as an international journalist".


Sherwood Jones; Writer/Producer
Sherwood started making films at age 11, armed with a Super 8 movie camera. In his preteens, he dove into an intense study of film, which lead to a B.A. in Cinema & Photography from Southern Illinois University and a Master of Fine Arts in Film from Ohio University, where his thesis film won an award in the Student Academy Awards competition. He entered the film industry as an editor, and has served in that capacity on 20 feature films. He has also been Post Production Supervisor on 25 features. He continues to write and direct his own personal film projects.



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