2014 SD Kids Films-Special Screening
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 2014 SDIKFF Films--Special Screening


Seoul Guro International Kids Film Festval Films Block 

1. Little Train, Choo Choo (Korea)   11 min; Director: Yoon-Cheul Jeong

2. Ham Story (Korea)  7 min; Director:  Hwan Kim

3. Sunglasses (Korea)  4 min; Director:  Mokun Elementary Sunglasses Team

4. Children of God (Iraq)  10 min; Director: Ahmed Yassin

5. A Wish List (Korea)  25 min; Director:  Seung-Min Hong

6. Film School (Korea)  8 min; Director: Bo-Yeon Kim, Jeong-Eun Yoo, Seong-Hui Park, Ji-Min Eun, Ju-Hui Lee

  Little Sisters of the Grassland (89 min.China)
Director(s): Nayintai Bao
Producer(s): Yanzhi Wang, Suyala Qiqige
Genre: Feature/Drama
Based on a real story in Inner Mongolia in 1960s, the film praises two teenage sisters, Long Mei and Yu Rong, who risked their lives to protect a flock of the Commune's sheep during a blizzard. 

  Nightmare Incorporated (18 min. USA)
Director(s): Hannah Nicole Duran
Producer(s): Hannah Nicole Duran ; Wendy Duran
Cast: Tiffany Kuriger; Schafer Collins, Hannah Nicole Duran; Delenn Jadzia; Anthony Kuhn, Brian Hernandez, Akexis Coleman, Damara Ganyo
Genre: Short/TV Episode
As Page stars to have nightmare about people she interacts with, the nightmares just so happen to actually come true. How a group of friends to solve the clues from the nightmares together?  

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