2014 SD Kids Films-Kids made films
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 2014 SDIKFF Films-- Kids Made Movies  


Animaraton (4 min.Czech Republic)
Director(s): International Children Animation Camp in Pilsen
Producer(s): International Children Animation Camp in Pilsen
Screenwriter(s): International Children Animation Camp in Pilsen
Genre: Short/Animation/Stop-Motion/Sci-Fi
This is a 24-hour animation project in city streets in Pilsen. It made by the children of the International Children Animation Camp that was held from August 10th to 16th, 2013.

  Chinese White Dolphins' Fighting For The Oceans (9 min.Taiwan)
Director(s): Kai-Ti Lin
Directing Coach: Shu-Man Chang
Team Members: Yu-Chieh Chuang, Tsung-Chun Li, Tzu-Heng Weng, Wen-Chin Chen, Pei-Fang Chang , Jui-Ting Wang, Pi-Yao Chen
Genre: Short/Animation/Education
A flock of Chinese white dolphins live in the beautiful ocean. They hope to find a solution to protect their home against pollution without damaging their environment.
  Country by Country (11 Min. Russia)
Director(s): Milana Kasakina
Producer(s): Milana Kasakina
Screenwriter(s): Milana Kasakina
Genre: Short/Education
This film is dedicated to the Olympic SOCHI-2014. Earlier the Winter Olympiads were hosted by 10 other countries. Each episode of this film was shot in his animation technique that never repeats.
  Feeling to Dive & Other Stories (8 min. Belgium)
Director(s): Ivana Noa, Ana Atanassova
Producer(s): UZ, Art Vanguard
Screenwriter(s): Ivana Noa
Cast: Emma Kristin
Genre: Short/Drama
This film is all about a girl’s moments.
  My Grandpa is A Diver (7 min.Taiwan)
Director(s): Jian-Syun Lu, Jian-Hao Chang
Directing Coach: Long-Way Chen
Screenwriter(s): Jian-Syun Lu, Jian-Hao Chang
Cast: Jian-Syun Lu, Cheng-An Yen, Jian-Hao Chang, Shu-Mien Chang, Yong-Yuan Lu
Genre: Short/Animation/Family
When Grandpa could finally retire and enjoy life better, he had a stroke. A few years later, two grandchildren who went through Grandpa’s bedridden time commemorate him in an unusual way. 

The Magic Turtle (6 Min. Brazil)
Director(s): Isabella Becker, Mano Bernardes, Carolina Sampaio
Producer(s): Alexandre Juruena
Screenwriter(s): Isabella Becker
Genre: Short/Animation
Two kids find a magic sea turtle on the beach. And they discover that, despite the powers of this fantastic animal, it takes something more to save the sea turtles and other endangered species.

  The Scrapman (10 Min. Germany)
Director(s): Fabian Driehorst
Producer(s): Paul Wylesalek
Screenwriter(s): Fabian Driehorst
Cast: Winfried Schwarz, Felix Schlüter, Britta Klinge, Marit Wierleuker
Genre: Short/Adventure
Three kids, Marit, Felix and Britta are secretly playing with the film projectors of the Scrapman that let them be part of old movies. On a chase with gangsters Felix gets lost in the film… 
  The Water Bearer (3 Min.UK)
Director(s): Kim Noce
Producer(s): Shaun Clark
Screenwriter(s): J Carr
Cast: Paul Mundell
Genre: Short/Animation/Documentary
Young Mr. Stone meets engineer Mr. Latham and together they come up with a marvelous plan to bring water to everyone’s home in the Itchen valley which still exists to this day. It is a whimsical journey of discovering everyday use of water.  

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