2014 SD Kids Films-Short
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 2014 SDIKFF Films--Short  


0 Gravity (11 Min. Mexico)
Director(s): Fernando David Campos Mendoza
Producer(s): Fernando David Campos Mendoza
Animator(s): Raul Campos Mendoza
Genre: Short/Animation/Fantasy/Action
Two robots of different companies arrive to an almost dead planet in order to make life sprout once again. Each one of them works in different places ignoring the fact they are both at the same little planetoid with the same mission. The lack of gravity makes things difficult for them


A Lesson to Learn (6 Min.Australia)
Director(s): Jed Cahill
Producer(s): Kadie Scott
Screenwriter(s): Trent Bartfeld
Cast: Braeden Torrisi, Cate Roberts
Genre: Short/Sci-Fi/Drama
Ty Hibbet is not a fan of school work and Mr Granger is the king of homework. Ty is smart, and he has a plan to ship Mr Granger to Siberia and replace him with a cyborg. Problem solved, or is it?


Archaeology (3 Min. USA)
Director(s): Yvonne Grzenkowicz
Animation: Yvonne Grzenkowicz
Music Composer: Danny Weinkauf
Genre: Short/Animation/Music
This short video is about looking to the future and digging up the past. The song Archaeology is from the album No School Today by Danny Weinkauf.

    Breaking Ice (35min. Taiwan)
Director(s): Guan-yu Chen
Producer(s): Siao-Bei Lin, Syue-Lin Chen
Genre: Short/Documentary
8-year-old Tongtong was born in Taiwan by Mongolia mother. This winter. Her mother bring her to visit her distant family. What can an 8-year-old child learn from the family reunion? Can she understand her mother’s feelings of homesickness?
  Captain Fish ( 8 min. France)
Director(s): John Banana
Cast: Mathilde Noury, Chloe Dunn, Sandra Lou
Animation: Claire Sabattié, Guillaume Dhont
Genre: Short/Animation/Comedy
What happens when a little girl decides to save the food she refused to eat?
    Chasing Stars (7 min.USA)
Director(s): Tom Mason
Producer(s): Sarah Hedge, Richard Herndon
Genre: Short/Stop-Motion/Animation/Sci-Fi
Chasing Stars is a mixed media stop-motion animation.Laika, the Soviet dog who was the first animal to orbit the earth.driven by her sense of cosmic wonder, she must navigate outer space to find her place in the universe.
  Cool Science (2 min. USA)
Director(s): Allyssa Swearingen, Jennifer McKibben
Producer(s): Kris Hensler
Screenwriter(s): Kris Hensler
Genre: Short/Animation/Education
A short about two robots, Dustee and Darlene, who have come back from the future to teach children about technology!
  Dirty Laundry (18 min. USA)
Director(s): Aaron Martinez
Producer(s): Ian Drazen
Genre: Short/Drama
For young Sam, the world is a sad and frightening place. His father is gone. His mother is entirely consumed by depression. He has no one. No parent to clean his clothes. No ally to ward off the bullies at school, and no hero to defeat the terrifying.
DOGONAUTS Enemy Line (17 min.USA)
Director(s): Shel Wagner Rasch
Genre: Short/Animation/Sci-Fi/Action
A Dogonaut and a Space Flea, long time galactic enemies, shoot each other down only to awake marooned side by side on an alien desert planet.
    Do You Know What a Wish Is (4 min.USA)
Director(s): Amy Neswald
Producer(s): Amy Neswald
Screenwriter(s): Amy Neswald
Cast: Peter Danbury
Genre: Short/Animation
A brief instructional on wishes
  Dreams of the Last Butterflies (9 Min. USA)
Director(s): Zina Brown
Producer(s): Gavin Behrman
Theme Song “Change” by Kai Altair
Genre: Short/Fantasy/Adventure
It is a tale about the loss of butterflies in our world, and why they are disappearing, as told by the last Butterfly Queens themselves.
    Egyptian Sons (35min.Egypt)
Director(s): Tania Kamal-Eldin
Producer(s): Tania Kamal-Eldin
Genre: Short/Documentary
Egyptian Sons juxtaposes the daily lives of two preteen boys from two different cultural "places” in Egypt. 
  Emile (5 min.USA)
Director(s): Tiffanie Mang
Producer(s): Tiffanie Mang
Screenwriter(s): Tiffanie Mang
Genre: Short/Animation
A blind homeless boy sitting in the streets loses his one coin and sets out to find it, only 
    Emilie (16 Min.Luxembourg)
Director(s): Olivier Pesch
Producer(s): Anne Schroeder
Genre: Short/ Animation/Comedy
Emilie, a 7-year-old curious little girl living in a small house located at the entrance of a dump, makes a rather unexpected encounter while his father Marcel is very busy by his latest invention.
  Existence (20 Min.Canada)
Director(s): Patrick Y. Lee
Producer(s): Patrick Y. Lee, David Crawford, Ben Brillantes
Genre: Short/Drama/Sci-Fi
Short Synopsis: This film is a convoluted sci-fi drama about the essence of life. 
Failure Groupies (13 Min.USA)
Director(s): Mandira Chauhan
Producer(s): Rosalie Tenseth
Genre: Short/Comedy
This is a comedy that follows a group of suburban post 9-11 tweens who set up a spy mission to get their temperamental teacher fired when they fail a group project.
  HeavenKid: Time-Space Door (12 Min.Taiwan)
Director(s): Derrick, Yung-Te Wu
Producer(s): Meng-Ying Lin
Screenwriter(s): Yan-Zhen Lin
Genre: Short/Animation/Adventure/Fantasy
HeavenKid uses his magic to awaken ToTo and his sister Ahya, who become enemies after they get behind a Space Door, and teach them the book Di-Zi-Gui. They learn the lesson and avert the crisis.
    I Need My Monster (11 Min.USA)
Director(s): Stephen Baker
Producer(s): Howard Cook
Animation: Brandon McCaully
Genre: Short/Animation/Comedy/Fantasy
When Ethan checks under the bed for his monster he finds a note instead: "Gone fishing. Back in a week. -Gabe". What will Ethan do? How will Ethan ever get to sleep without his monster?  
  In the Coat's Pocket (12 Min.Italy)
Director(s): Marco Di Gerlando
Producer(s): Giuseppe Dalsasso
Genre: Short/Drama/Family
Luke is a very introverted child. His only friends are two puppets, King Benjamin and the squire Spartacus. With them, he must defend his small kingdom by the arrival of cruel Eat Princesses. 
    Inside the Ring (8 Min.USA)
Director(s): Imani Peterkin, Darian Henry
Producer(s): Bhawin Suchak
Genre: Short/Documentary
This Youth FX short documentary tells the story of Albany's city youth boxing program through the sights and sounds of the gym and the words of longtime coach Jerrick Jones and the aspiring young boxers.
  Lami (3 Min.Japan/France)
Director(s): Christophe Defaye, Olivier Defaye
Producer(s): Makiko Aoki
Genre: Short/Animation/Musical
LA is a little blue musical note. He is always singing alone on the line. One day he meets a little girl, Mi, crying, and discovers friendship.
    Light Man, The New York City Saviour (7 Min.UK)
Director(s): Marek Light
Producer(s): Marek Light
Animator(s): Jawaad Nazir
Genre: Short/Animation/Crime/Sci-Fi
Light Man is now the new superhero of the earth, based in New York City. Miraculous changes have happened since his arrival and crime and corruption are starting to fade. 
  Magic Sketchbook (9 Min.Japan)
Director(s): Mari Yamaoaka
Producer(s): Mari Yamaoaka
Genre: Short/Fantasy
Sara finds a sketchbook in the attic room. She draws a picture of a butterfly and then it pops up from the sketchbook. Her brother, James, asks her to lend him the magic sketchbook.
    Moon-Lite (7 Min.USA)
Director(s): David Dibble
Producer(s): David Dibble
Cast: Jim Parks, Aaron Cano, Tony Smyles
Genre: Short/Sci-fi
Shunned by his village, an eccentric old man treks into the woods every day and returns late at night. A young boy follows him on his journey to discover his magical secret. 
  Polar Where (2 Min.UK)
Director(s): Terry Thomas
Producer(s): Terry Thomas
Cast: Terry Thomas, Ben Cochrane
Genre: Short/Animation/Comedy
A polar bear is in search for his lost friend in this short animated comedy adventure.
    Rabbit and Deer (17 Min.Hungary)
Director(s): Péter Vácz
Producer(s): József Fülöp
Animator(s): Attila Bertóti, Péter Vácz
Genre: Short/Animation/Drama
Rabbit and Deer are living happily and careless until their friendship is put to the test by Deer's new obsession to find the formula for the 3rd dimension. 
  Rotterdam's Tears (25 Min.Netherlands)
Director(s): Marieke Helmus, Femke Monteny , Yoka van Zuijlen
Producer(s): Winke Rintjema
Genre: Short/Documentary/14+
What beauty offers solace to all world’s sorrow? In the film ‘Rotterdam’s Tears ’, 4 youths muse over the City. What makes their lives worth living? 
    Separate Your Trash - Banana (1 Min.Brazil)
Director(s): João G. Amorim
Producer(s): CineVideo
Genre: Short/Animation/Education
The 30-second short film is the recycling and composting campaign for Brazilian Federal Government
Serena (16 Min.Luxembourg)
Director(s): Eric Lamhène
Producer(s): Anne Schroeder
Genre: Short/Drama/18+
Joé is two years younger than his friends and the butt of their jokes every time all the time. But tonight Joé has had enough and fights back… 
  Stelle (27 Min.Switzerland/France)
Director(s): Yann Renzi
Producer(s): Rossano Renzi
Genre: Short/Drama/Fantasy
Awards: “Grand Jury Prize – Best Short” --- 2014 Universe Multicultural Film Festival
To overcome his loneliness, Adam takes refuge in his imagination and in contemplating the stars. But one day, a strange object fallen from the sky brakes this dreariness: a kaleidoscope.
  Strings (17 Min.USA)
Director(s): Crystal Us
Producer(s): Crystal Us
Cast: Jennifer Nash, Kathryn Rich
Genre: Short/Fantasy/Sci-Fi/ Drama/Musical
Strings is a surreal musical journey about a mother and Daughter who end up in different dimensions as the result of an ice skating accident.
    Supermisil (12 Min.Mexico)
Director(s): Javier Arcelus Cano
Producer(s): Javier Arcelus Cano
Genre: Short/Fantasy/Family
On his way to work, Antonio finds an unusual situation which will help him to be more empathic with his son and this will also show him that Superheroes exist...and Villains do too. 
  The Adventures of Barty and the Pirate                   (4 Min.Singapore)
Director(s): Mark J Chavez
Producer(s): Mark J Chavez
Genre: Short/Animation/Comedy
Bartholomew S. Babirusa (Barty) and Captain William Wraithe the Pirate meet on a deserted island. The two come to know each other through their mutual admiration of the pirate life.
    The Cold Heart (29 Min.Germany)
Director(s): Hannes Rall
Producer(s): Hannes Rall, Michael Meier
Animator(s): Davide Benvenuti, Hannes Rall, Michael Meier, Lorna Sun, Ralf Bohde, Norman Baculi
Genre: Short/Animation/Adventure/Drama
It is about the story of a young man who trades his warm heart for a cold stone in order to become rich.
  The Fog of Courage (8 Min.USA)
Director(s): John R. Dilworth
Producer(s): Jack Spillum
Cast: Wallace Shawn, Marty Grabstein, Thea White
Genre: Short/Animation/Comedy
A cowardly dog named Courage must rescue his lovely owner, Muriel, from a vengeful supernatural Fog.
  The Heebie-Jeebies (9 Min.USA)
Director(s): Todd Slawsby
Producer(s): Roz Weisberg
Genre: Short/Fantasy/Comedy/Horror
After a young boy and a girl hear a frightening bedtime story, they become convinced there is something scary under their bed. They may be right...
  The Hero Pose (13 Min.USA)
Director(s): Mischa Jakupcak
Producer(s): Gretchen Oyster, Robyn Miller
Cast: Nikki Hahn, Chaske Spencer
Genre: Short/Drama/Family
This is a story about a father and daughter. Mia is eight years old and she wants to do anything but hang out at her dad's house, trying to sell a car that doesn't run.
    The Wonderful World of Chinese Characters (14 Min.Taiwan)
Director(s): Shan-Ben Lin
Producer(s): Shan-Ben Lin
Animation: Jian-An Er, Ying-Zhen Lin
Genre: Short/Animation/Fantasy/Education /History
Created by ancient Chinese god Cang Jie, Chinese characters were endowed with divine powers that could exorcise the devils. 
  Zoom In! The Lotus (8 Min.USA)
Director(s): Kate Raney
Producer(s): Nancy Sandler, Sergio Ulloa, Kate Raney
Screenwriter(s): Jessi Witt
Genre: Short/Animation/Stop-Motion
Gwen Pym, a young girl with a passion for nanoscience, shrinks down to a microscopic size to learn about the natural water-repelling properties of the lotus leaf.

Zugzwang (9 Min.Spain/USA)
Director(s): Yolanda Centeno
Producer(s): Yolanda Centeno, Bettina Mayr
Cast: Sam Sasaki, Ben Sasaki, Camille Giuffre
Genre: Short/Drama/Romance
Zugzwang in German means obligation to move. Life and chess are not so different. At a moment, the best thing to do would be not to make any move; however, you must make a decision.


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