Film Market at 2018 San Diego International Kids Film Festival
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  Family Film Market of the 2018 SDIKFF  

11AM-9PM; Saturday, August 25, 2018 . Carlsbad Senior Center( 799 Pine Avenue Carlsbad, CA 92008). Admission via Film Market Pass 


The Children & Family Film Market is starting from the 2016 San Diego International Kids’ Film Festival. It is open to all members of the film industry. We are building to reach the capability of fulfilling all film business needs - film sales, investments, production, location, post-production etc. at one location. However, as this year, we focus on the following area:

1. Completed Children & Family Films. This is for completed films that looking for global distribution.
2. Entertainment Intellectual Property Trade Zone. This is for intellectual property rights to a variety of original works with a focus on the film and audiovisual industries. The areas covered will include the traditional intellectual property rights such as the right to remake films or the right to adapt literary works (novels and comic books) and performances (plays and musicals). Further included in the E-IP Market are the rights to original works utilized on new media platforms (web, mobile, SNS, tablet, etc.), that are characterized with having a story format including web toons; web drama; web novel; TV variety shows; animations; promotional dramas; mobile games; online game; mobile game; and the character industry.
3. Talent Hub. Aims to become the hub of star content business, reflecting the growing demand for multicultural Artists, as the market barriers between countries diminishes. As a way to energize international co-productions, the Talent Hub will facilitate the introduction of established stars as well as the up-and-coming actors/actresses to global film industry personnel. The Talent Hub welcomes the children and adult talent.
The 2018 SDIKFF official selection (both films and screenplays) will have complementary display area at the 2018 SDIKFF booth. All other exhibitors will need to rent the booth through the registration form; standard booth is a table with 4 chairs. The representatives of the film or screenplay or exhibitors need to be on site 30 min. or early to setup the display materials. Admission with Festival Badge or Market Pass.


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