work with China panel at 2017 San Diego International Kids Film Festival
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   Work with China Panel of 2017 SDIKFF  

3:30PM-5:00PM; Saturday, August 26, 2017.  Meeting Room at Carlsbad Senior Center( 799 Pine Avenue Carlsbad, CA 92008); Admission by Panel Pass

China has a huge boost to the production and success of domestic films. China's film revenues have grown by 25% a year for the past 10 years. Chinese Film Projects are looking for Western filmmakers participate in their movies. A window of opportunity has opened for the Western directors, screenwriters, Scrip doctors, cinema photographers, musical composters, Animators, actors, etc. Come to meet the delegations of Chinese investors, producers, directors, and find out the pitfalls, common misunderstandings, and industry myths for working with the Chinese films. The panelists will attempt to address these issues during the discussion.
Pre-sign up is strongly recommended. For actors, please bring your headshots and CV with you for possibility of onsite audition.
  The Panel Speakers:  
  Tao Li, Producer, Director
As a filmmaker, Li Tao has more than 25 years experience in the field of film production. He has participated in the production over a dozen movies and hundreds of TV series as a art designer, a scriptwriter, a producer and a director since 1992.《 Instant Hit of The Elephant Lin Wang》 is his first animated film as a scriptwriter and a director
  Yongzhi Zang, Investor, producer
Yongzhi Zang is a successful entrepreneur, investor, producer and actress. She is the first developer for a Sports Town, also successful build a Ever Green Village. She invested the film “ Warm Winter” that won the award in Canada. Also played the major roles at “ House with Car”; “ Please give me the true love”.
Shawn Rohrbach, Screenwriter
Shawn Rohrbach is a world-renowned author/screenwriter. His first book, "Open Your Hearts with Bicycling..." won the 2008 Indie Book Award and earned an honorable mention at the London Book Festival in 2008. He has had nine books published by small, independent publishers, his most recent novel "Rogue Scion" was released in December of 2015 and he is currently adapting it to a feature length screenplay. His next novel, "Double Cross" will be released in November of 2016. Shawn has adapted some of the short stories from his 2009 collection "Strays and Other Stories" to short scripts. Two of these scripts have been produced by Malcolm Shaw of San Diego. A third script, "Carlos' Confession" is now a finalist in three screenwriting categories, including Best Script of the festival, at the Oaxaca Film Fest 2016. For more info on Shawn: Follow Shawn on Twitter: @ShawnRohrbach 
  Tianyu Jiang; Producer, Planner
Ms. Tianyu Jiang is a film and TV producer, Planner, and inspector. She has been produced many film projects, such as “ Cheng Ying Resources the Orphan” ( the winner best musical film at 16th International Family Film Festival). “ Village Mother” ( Best Actress winner of 13th Universe Multicultural Film Festival); “ Nightmare”; etc.
  Hua Cai, Screenwriter, Director
Mr.Cai is a well know Screenwriter, director in film and event. His films won many awards, such as “ Long Bridge 1937”; “Cairo Declaration”; “ Zhengyi Conference”; “Shock Wave” . His TV series “ Red Spider”and “Dream Link” have super high audience view rate.
  Yuqin Lu, Actress, Opera Singer
Ms. Yuqing Lu is a famous Yu Opera singer. She has been performance vinous roles in over 60+ plays and films for 50 years. She has been know from “ Mu Gui Ying Go Down the Mountain”; “ Three Cries Mansion”, “ Carriage”, “Nightmare”, etc. She become the favor student of Yu Oprea Master Chang Xiang Yu
Giovanna Salas is an accomplished writer, director, producer and entrepreneur, that has quickly earned the moniker, “Miss Heart Of Hollywood”. She made a career change from Physics and Mathematics and started studying Art with a private instructor, Luis Pagnan (a student of Diego Rivera). He taught her the beauty of color and its concepts, and almost without knowing it, she began taking an interest in the camera and its composition. Eventually, this evolved into an interest in studying film. Salas is looking forward to working with new up and coming features, and to continue learning more about film making. 
Qiang Li, Film & TV Investor
Mr.Qiang Li is a new generation film & TV investor, graduated from the Finance majored in Intent, Movie and TV and Produce. He has made many very successful investments in industries as Real Estates; Construction Engineering; Modern Agriculture; Financial; Angel fund, etc.
Jun Lu, Planner, Singer
Ms. Jun Lu is a first class singer in China. She is also a film project planner. Her signature projects are: “ Sadness”; “ Flower under the Cutter”; “ New Screenplay”; “ Nightmare”.
Xianfeng Xu; Producer, Director
Mr.Xianfeng Xu is a well known film producer, TV program director, planner and director for big event live broadcasting. His remark products are “Warm Back”; “Run Away Child”; “ The Cupids” which won the best screenplay contest award at the 2017 Universe Multicultural Film Festival
  Qinghui Men, Investor, Yoga Master
Ms.Qing Hui Men is the create of East Lan Youga, international yoga master. She is the producer of TV series “ Daily Life Show” at Qingdao TV Station. She has been successfully invested in many films, such as “ warm winter”, “ Those Flowers”. “ Please Give Me True Love”, etc. As China Yoga culture ambassador, she has been travel to Europe, Korea, Japan, Thailand, India for Yoga culture exchange activities.

 @2017 San Deigo International Kids' Film Festival