Film Maker Reception Gala at 2017 San Diego International Kids Film Festival
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   Film Makers' Reception Gala  of 2017 SDIKFF  


Admission: Gala Pass

Time: 6-9PM; August 26, 20167
Location: Dining Hall (799 Pine Avenue Carlsbad, CA 92008)

Filmmakers Self Introduction
SDIKFF Juries Meet with the Filmmakers

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  The Performing Artist(TBA)  
Ghadir Mounib; Actress, Model, Host
An Egyptian born young lady, Ghadir Mounib, first took stage when she was 6 months old, in diapers, as the role of baby Jesus for a Christmas play performed at Club Med Egypt. She was raised in 4 different countries speaking 3 languages. Ghadir convinced her younger sister and their cousins to join creative minds to put on performances for their family in Egypt every New Years' eve at their Grandparents' home in Cairo. The yearly shows that included skits, songs, and dances rounded up 5 generations of Mounibs in attendance. After moving to San Diego in 2008, and while perusing her Masters in Architecture, Ghadir made a major shift from her seemingly unending scholastic endeavors to film; acting and performing where always part of her existence. Her natural skills got her accepted to the highly prestigious performing arts school in England L.A.M.D.A. She gained experience in dramatic and musical theater at the University of New Mexico, and worked as a runway model for several years in San Diego. Before long, her work was known among her peers in the San Diego Film community. She strives to make important movies that will be part of history.
Sherwood Jones; Writer/Producer
Sherwood started making films at age 11, armed with a Super 8 movie camera. In his preteens, he dove into an intense study of film, which lead to a B.A. in Cinema & Photography from Southern Illinois University and a Master of Fine Arts in Film from Ohio University, where his thesis film won an award in the Student Academy Awards competition. He entered the film industry as an editor, and has served in that capacity on 20 feature films. He has also been Post Production Supervisor on 25 features. He continues to write and direct his own personal film projects. He has been chairman of San Diego International Kids’ Film Festival since 2013.
Zimo Zhu; Child Actress
Zimo is a very talented child actress. She played a main role at film “ I come from the other world” at age 8.
  Cady Mariano, Actress, Singer, Dancer
Cady Mariano, age 14, loves acting, singing and dancing. She’s a bona fide “Triple Threat,” earning 2nd Place in San Diego County Fair Triple Threat Contest. Recently she also played various roles in films, TV, and theatres. Performing comes naturally to Cady, she is equally adept in comedic or dramatic roles. She also performs regularly with a local improv group, and she is very active in organizing and performing in charitable events
Jiayi Mei; Child actor
Jiayi is a 7 years old boy with lots of talent in performance art. His first role was in a well know TV series at age 5. Now, at age 7, he become the leading actor of film “ I am from the other world”

 @2017 San Deigo International Kids' Film Festival