Jury Members of 2017 San Diego International Kids Film Festival
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  Jury Committee of 2017 San Diego International Kids' Film Festival  
  Jeri Jacquin; Movie Maven
Jeri Jacquin is an entertainment journalist for local San Diego papers including Military Press as well as her own websites at http://moviemaven.intuitwebsites.com. Covering film, television, DVD releases and interviewing talent Ms. Jacquin gives an honest opinion of what is released in theatres. A member of the San Diego Film Critics Society she is given the opportunity to attend film festivals and view independent films that otherwise might go unnoticed by film-goers! "Some of the most amazing films I have experienced come from storytellers and filmmakers that are free from big studio constraints", she says regarding the enjoyment of festival films, "being a part of the San Diego International Kids' Film Festival is such an honor and the opportunity to see films that are geared towards kids and family is very important to me as a parent, and now, grandparent
ROBERT COX, screenwriter
Robert has been interested in writing from an early age. By the time he left high school, he had written short stories, poetry, and plays for screen and theater, including opera librettos. He continued through college, writing one act plays, and articles in scientific journals. A trained musician, biologist and botanist, his first sojourn into professional screenwriting came as a suggestion from a friend. He wrote spec scripts for various TV shows for a time, but the rise of season bibles dried up the spec industry. Robert worked for San Diego City Schools for over twenty years, until he felt the writing call again. Retiring, he went back into writing, and has penned twenty full length scripts, pilots and shorts, some of which have been filmed or optioned. Robert is a member of the Plumeria Society of Southern California, the American Orchid Society, and the International Human Resource for Information Management
  Michael Matteo Rossi; Director, Producer, Writer
Michael Matteo Rossi is a professional award-winning working director/producer/writer for over 10 years now. His 1st feature "Misogynist" which he shot at just 26, got worldwide distribution on DVD and VOD and 2nd feature "Sable" is being released next month. Michael has won multiple awards in recognized film festivals as well and was put on a poll with Lena Dunham and Ryan Coogler of "Top directors under 30 to watch". MichaelI recently shot a TV pilot and the trailer is below as well and has amassed more than 300K views. 
  Ewart Chin, Actor, Kung Fu Master
Ewart Chin was born on the Island of Jamaica. He started studying Goju-Ryu Japanese Karate at a very early age. Finding the style too rigid and hard, he decided to pursue a softer style and started practicing Hung-Gar Kung Fu with a Master from KwangTung province, China who was a friend of his grandfather, also from KuangTung. He found that Hung-Gar was more to his liking and practiced this diligently for his entire life,attained " Master" status in the art. Master Sifu Wan-Hsu changed his life for the better.
Upon moving to the United States, he began working in films as an actor and stunts person.he was inducted in the World Martial Arts Council, USA Martial Arts Hall Of Fame, and The Martial Arts History Museum.

  Ms.Marte Riley 
Marte is co-founder of the movie- discussion meetup, "Movie Connoisseurs". Her mission is to expose others to overlooked movies that portray rich stories and complex characters. By including a meal with the discussion, her desire was to create a social forum for people to share their insights with one another. Her husband and three children actively help her prepare for the monthly meetup events and share their comments during the discussions. Since she is an opera singer, musician and songwriter, her appreciation of story-telling naturally grew into a love of good films. She is very enthusiastic about filmmakers who bring an outside-the-box perspective to their work. Marte believes that film is not just a source of entertainment. It can also be a catalyst for new ways of seeing ourselves and our culture. In our highly visual world, Marte hopes that more people will share how they feel about the movies that they see.  
  Mark Stephen Terry 
  Mr.James Riley
James Riley is a co-organizer of the Movie Connoisseurs of North County. Movie Connoisseurs is a meet-up movie discussion group where members meet and watch a movie together while enjoying a meal prepared by the host. Discussion follows the movie. The focus is on movies with great characters and multiple layers. The group currently has 41 members and meets on a monthly basis. 
James has been a fan of movies for many years. Although by profession he works in City government, he has performed in musical theatre, acted in a couple of short films over the years, and is an avid reader of history. All of these interests come together in his love of movies. It is these skills that he brings to being a part of the San Diego International Kids Film Festival  
After studying acting in New York and performing on the New York City stage, Xander moved to Los Angeles where he works in film, television, theater and voice over. He is the recipient of the Golden Halo Award for Acting Achievement from the Southern California Motion Picture Council and a Best Actor award at the NYC Picture Start Festival and the Long Island International Film Expo. Most recently, he co-starred in and co-wrote the independent feature film “Misfortune” which is currently being distributed world-wide. His latest screenplay in development, “Gargouille”, is simultaneously being adapted as a graphic novel 


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