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    2015 San Diego International Kids' Film Festival 

"Films Made By KIDS"

  A World Divided in Two Colors (7 Min.Mexico)
Director(s): Gabriela Martínez Garza, Jon Ferlop
Producer(s): Alejandro Gómez Treviño
Genre: Short/Animation
Synopsis: Our world is divided between the wise nature and excessive industrialization, which due to human thoughtlessness degenerates into excess chaos and pollution… Will the animals be the ones to show us the correct way out of them?
  Adventures of Malia (12 Min.India)
Director(s): Shubhavi Arya
Producer(s): Shubhavi Arya
Screenwriter(s): Shubhavi Arya
Genre: Short/Animation/Adventure
Synopsis: In order to save her home from rampant pollution, a little girl goes in search of a magical spell and transforms into a mermaid.
  Bocce Boys (8 Min.Canada)
Director(s): Matt Kennedy
Screenwriter(s): Matt Kennedy, Grayson Maxwell Gurnsey, Peter Bundic, Joshua Costea
Cast: Peter Bundic, Joshua Costea, Grayson Maxwell Gurnsey, Kaiden Downie, Jacob Lauzon, Arjun Gawri, Ben Harrison and Peirluigi Feronato
Genre: Short/Comedy/Family
Synopsis: Rival groups face off to determine who rules the bocce courts.
  Collection of Works (5 Min.USA)
Director(s): Charles Liu
Producer(s): Charles Liu
Animator(s): Charles Liu
Genre: Short/Animation
Production Company:
Synopsis: This is a collection of 13 years old Charles' 3D animation works. Fun and intersting. You name them titles
  Emily (9 Min.Australia)
Director(s): Eli Rauchberger
Producer(s): Eli Rauchberger
Screenwriter(s): Eli Rauchberger
Cast: Emily Macquet, Ella Downe, Coby Rechtman, Eli Rauchberger
Genre: Short/Action/Fantasy
Synopsis: Emily is an ordinary girl who is asked to deliver a package to Mr. Poe. That's when the trouble starts and extraordinary things happen
  John Burson (4 Min.Spain)
Director(s): Matilda Baste
Producer(s): Crispina Zarzosa
Screenwriter(s): Matilda Baste
Animator(s): Maria Pla
Genre: Short/Animation
Synopsis: John Burson keeps our cities monsters free. This is how he works
  Life the Journey (15 Min.UAE)
Director(s): Barath Rajesh Menon
Producer(s): Barath Rajesh Menon
Screenwriter(s): Barath Rajesh Menon
Genre: Short/Action/Suspense
Synopsis: This is a gripping tale that leaves you spell bound which is based on today’s world where seven friends land themselves in trouble…
  Magnomen in Danger (6 Min.Spain)
Director(s): Claudio Baste
Producer(s): Crispina Zarzosa
Screenwriter(s): Claudio Baste
Genre: Short/Animation
Synopsis: The city of Magnomen is suffering constant attacks, from outer space as much as from Planet Earth. This is the story of how a civilization struggles to survive until the end
  My Father (4 Min.Iran)
Director(s): Puyan Sadeghi
Producer(s): Puyan Sadeghi
Screenwriter(s): Ali Sahebnaghsh, Puyan Sadeghi
Cast: Arad Shadkam
Genre: Short/Drama
Synopsis: The students are reading their compositions about the topic "my father", but one of them has not written anything because the only thing he knows about his father is that he is in prison and waiting.
  One Nation (3 Min.USA)
Director(s): Anthony Hobbs
Producer(s): Anthony Hobbs, Zachary Hammond
Cast: Anthony Hobbs, Kayla Johnson, Thomas Johnson, Kaylee Ofstead, Noah Thomas, Amanda Tinh
Genre: Short/Documentary
Synopsis: Steven and his 5 friends  are the kids who decide that they need to give back to the members of the army returning home after fighting for freedom.
  Operation Relocation (3 Min.USA)
Director(s): Reed McFeely
Producer(s): Lynn Jacobson, Stuart McFeely
Screenwriter(s): Reed McFeely
Cast: Oq, Qwerk
Genre: Short/Animation
Synopsis:2 blobs save Planet Thrae with a rocket ship and a long piece of rope
  Our School at the Middle Our Street (15 Min.Spain)
Director(s): Students State School Santa Teresa
Producer(s): Students State School Santa Teresa
Screenwriter(s): Students State School Santa Teresa
Cast: Students State School Santa Teresa
Genre: Short/
Synopsis: Our school was an old theatre. We want movies come back to the school
  OUT (4 Min.USA)
Director(s): Tommy Fletcher, Olivia Malesco
Producer(s): Tommy Fletcher, Olivia Malesco
Genre: Short/Documentary
Synopsis: Two teenagers share their coming out stories and how they felt before, during, and after their experiences in hopes that they will help others thinking of coming out
  Save the Date (8 Min.USA)
Director(s): Jarod Bainbridge, Oscar Ceje
Producer(s): Jarod Bainbridge, Irma Cabrera
Screenwriter(s): Jarod Bainbridge
Cast: Allyssa Bainbridge, Bella Franchina, Jarod Bainbridge, Katia Sky, Analina Hensey, Constance Bainbridge
Genre: Short/Sci-Fi/Romance
Synopsis: When a young boy sets his sights on the wrong girl, it takes a true friend and a little time traveling to set him straight
  Shelter (4 Min.USA)
Director(s): Ali Afroj Arnab
Producer(s): 3aAa Films, Md. Mahfuj Ali
Screenwriter(s): Ali Afroj Arnab
Cast: Md. Mahfuj Ali, Jake Slewett, Michelle Giraldo
Genre: Short/Documentary
Synopsis:  This documentary has a great message that can change the world and help get rid of homelessness in America
  Teen Chick (6 Min.Canada)
Director(s): Levente Mihali
Screenwriter(s): Levente Mihali
Cast: Maia Costea, Carla Costea, Aias Dalman, Kien Lin
Genre: Short/Family
Synopsis: Jennifer doesn't want to wait to grow up to be a teenager. She wants to be a teenager now
  That Bites! (42 Min.USA)
Director(s): Jack G. Yonover
Producer(s): Paul M. Yonover
Screenwriter(s): Jack G. Yonover, Paul M. Yonover, Jill Yonover
Genre: Short/Documentary
Synopsis: "That Bites!" is a collection of stories, interviews with food allergy sufferers. The goal is to educate the world about the fears and frustrations of having food allergies to help make the world a safer place for the countless number of people that can be harmed from food.
  The Adventure of PalchinGiri Begins (51 Min.India)
Director(s): Pal Vardhman, Chin Vardhman
Producer(s): Manju Vardhman
Screenwriter(s): Manju Vardhman
Cast: Chin Vardhman, Pal Vardhman, Manju Vardhman
Genre: Short/Sci-Fi/Fanstasy
Synopsis: It is a story of the genius twins, Pal and Chin. One day, one of Pal’s gadgets receives a message from an alien warning the twins that technology itself has become their enemy and the Radioactive Garbage is ready to destroy their Planet
  The Battle (8 Min.Canada)
Director(s): Joshua Costea, Peter Bundic
Producer(s): Lettie Costea
Cast: Maia Costea, Joshua Costea, Peter Bundic
Genre: Short/Comedy
Synopsis: The story tells us if you can't beat the competition, join them
  The Mystery of the Worm (2 Min.Spain)
Director(s): Sofia Baste
Screenwriter(s): Sofia Baste, Claudio Baste
Animator(s): Maria Pla
Genre: Short/Animation
Synopsis: A bunch of people, animals and sweets are willing to spend their holidays in America. But during the trip, a mystery awaits them
  The Please Recycle Association (5 Min.USA)
Director(s): Reed McFeely
Producer(s): Stuart McFeely
Screenwriter(s): Reed McFeely
Cast: Oq, Qwerk
Genre: Short/Animation
Synopsis: Two blobs try to save the world by recycling.
  The Sad Snowman (4 Min.USA)
Director(s): Pierre Schantz
Producer(s): Lisa Schantz
Screenwriter(s): Pierre Schantz
Cast: Pierre Schantz
Genre: Short/Action
Synopsis: A snowman sits on a mountain, watching skiers and snowboarders having fun. The snowman longs to be part of the action, but it seems hopeless. A passing snowboarder notices him and a simple act of kindness makes the impossible, possible.
  West Child Story (3 Min.Spain)
Director(s): Berta Coller
Producer(s): State School Santa Teresa
Screenwriter(s): Berta Coller, Arnau Ruiz
Cast: Elena Latre, Bereket Turpin
Genre: Short/Romance
Synopsis: This is a love story like Romeo and Juliet seen through the eyes of children. Tony from America and Maria from Puerto Rico fall in love despite the race and physical problems...Will it change the final with regard to the adult version?

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