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 2014 SDIKFF Films--Feature


A Time in Quchi (109 Min. Taiwan)
Director(s): Tso Chi Chang
Producer(s): Wen-Horng Kao
Screenwriter(s): Tso Chi Chang
Cast: Liang-Yu Yang, Yun-Loong Kuan, Ya-Ruo Lin, Yung-Heng Yen, Shaoyi Jiang, Han-Yi Yao, Chi-Han Chen
Genre: Feature/ Drama/Family
Bao comes to visit his grandpa in Quchi, which is a completely foreign land of wonder for him. In Quchi, he goes to a new school, meets new friends, and thereby learns what love and life are…

  Feeling the Love Flute (90 Min. China)
Director(s): Yinghai Deng
Producer(s): Ping Jiang
Cast: Hao Lin, Ben Niu, Xiang Wen, Jin Su, Jin Guo
Genre: Feature/Drama/Music
Tianle, a talented kid with AIDS, was adopted by a kind old man. On the road to chase his dream in music, Tianle has come to face many difficulties. His encouraging story earns him love and support.
  Let Panda Fly (90 Min. China)
Director(s): Bandi Zhao
Producer(s): Bandi Zhao
Screenwriter(s): Bandi Zhao, Weili Cao, Juanyu Du, Tao Xu
Cast: Bandi Zhao, Shuci Jia
Genre: Feature/Drama/Experiment
This unique film is full of the element of pandas. A mysterious "Panda-Man" launched a seemingly absurd event "Let Panda Fly". 20,000 teenagers participated and finally made a fabulous thing. 
Little Sami (100 Min.China)
Director(s): Yunmin Jiang
Producer(s): Yunmin Jiang, Ting Rong, Yuan Ye
Screenwriter(s): Yue Zhang, Yunmin Zhang
Cast: Xiaoming Shao, Ting Rong, Bo Sun
Genre: Feature/Drama
It is a beautiful story about a Dai boy who studies Theravada Buddhism in Yunnan boundary region.
  Ruby Skye P.I.: The Maltese Puppy (56 Min.Canada)
Director(s): Kelly Harms
Producer(s): Jill Golick, Janice Dawe, Steven Golick, Kelly Harms, Jordana Aarons
Screenwriter(s): Jill Golick, Julie Strassman
Cast: Madison Cheeatow, Marlee Maslove, Scott Beaudin, Elena Gorgevska, Seán Cullen, Hannah Spear
Genre: Feature/Mystery
The appearance of a mysterious puppy coincides with the disappearance of donated toys from a charity for children in need. Ruby Skye is on the case. 
  The Call of Maiji Mountain (90 Min. China)
Director(s): Jialun Li
Screenwriter(s): Jialun Li, Chen Zhao
Cast: Qi Li, Jingyi Hu
Genre: Feature/Drama
With the financial help of the people in her hometown, Congcong made it to graduating from a top-ranked university in a big city. After graduation, she chose to go back and work as a school teacher… 
  The Friends (104, Korea)
Director(s): Young-jae Lee
Genre: Feature/ Drama/Family
For all grown-ups who used to be children, and for all children who want to be grown-ups, this is a coming-of-age story that arouses forgotten innocence in our mind.

The Kite and Wind (100 Min. China)
Director(s): Guocai Yin
Producer(s): Changzhi Qiao
Screenwriter(s): Guocai Yin
Genre: Feature/Drama
While a high school student under the pressure of preparing the college admission exams, his family also face a big tragedy. How can he overcome all the obstacles?

  The Youth (95 Min.China)
Director(s): Weimin Qi
Producer(s): Hong Shen
Screenwriter(s): Yanting Xu, Tianze Wang
Cast: Yijun Chen, Heimei, Shangru Yang, Xiaorong Yang, Xunan Qi
Genre: Feature/Drama
This film tells three stories about the teenagers who live in major cities in China. They encounter a huge dilemma of how to live a life.
  Thunder and the House of Magic (82 Min.Belgium)
Director(s): Jeremie Degruson, Ben Stassen
Producer(s): Ben Stassen, Caroline Van Iseghem
Screenwriter(s): James Flynn, Dominic Paris, Ben Stassen
Cast: Cinda Adams, Edward Asner, George Babbit
Genre: Feature/Animation/Adventure
Thunder, an abandoned young cat seeking shelter from a storm, stumbles into the strangest house imaginable, owned by an old magician and inhabited by a dazzling array of automatons and gizmos.
Yili River (109 Min.China)
Director(s): Jingguang Wang
Producer(s): Erdong Su
Screenwriter(s): Jingguang Wang
Cast: Lan Wang, Juanzi, Haodong Zhou, Yulong Zhang
Genre: Feature/Drama
The film was shot in the Ili River in Xinjiang, China. It is a heart-warming story about love and truth in human life as well as the harmony of ethnic diversity.

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