San Diego International Kids Film Festival
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The 2013 San Diego International Kids' Film Festival

Official Selection:
Art's Eyes (UK)
Back to the Beginning (China/Hong Kong)
Bienaventurados (Blessed)(Argentina)

Bona Nox (Belgium)
Born to Bully (USA)
Class Photo (USA)
Crocodiles without Saddles (Germany)
Curse of the Sunset Starlet (USA)
Day of Silence (USA)
81 Golden Coins (China)
Encantado (Charming)(Brazil)
Fine (Netherlands)
Gaspé Copper (Canada)
Gutty (Iran)
Hunt for the Glorious
Muffins (Malta)
Keep Watch the Lifetime (China)
Just Grate (USA)
Luozi's 10,000 Meter ( China)
Mirage (USA)
Mother's Dinner (USA)

O Retrato da Lua (The Picture)(Brazil)
One Banknote (China)
Radio of My Childhood(China)
Requília (Relic)(Brazil)
Restless American (USA)
Shame and Glasses (Italy)
Sign of the Dragon (USA)
Slowly But Surely (USA)
Summer Diary (China)
Spaghetti for Two (Germany)
The Expectation of Xiao Deng (China)
The Family of Shanzi (China)

The Lunch Lady (Australia)
The Reading Boy 2 (China)
The Rockumentary (Australia)
The Trip (Poland)

Season of Bloom (Shenglei Wang)
The Rose's Fairy Legend ( Junfeng Liu, Yu Tang)

Special Screening:
The Extraordinary Adventures of Adele Blanc-Sec (France)
Opening Screening: The Reading Boy ( China)


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