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Art's Eyes (12 min.UK)( Youth Film Maker)
Director(s): Davide Dallago, Gabriel Dallago
Producer(s): Sylvia Johnson
Screenwriter(s): Davide Dallago, Gabriel Dallago
Cast: Davide Dallago, Gabriel Dallago
Synopsis:  A fun 12 minutes short film about Art combined with fantastic stories. This beautiful, fun, inspiring and super Artful 12 minutes Movie shows the awesome creativity 
Back to the Beginning (95 min.China)
Director(s): Xiaojun Qiu
Producer(s): Xiaojun Qiu, Huashan Lv
Screenwriter(s): A Fei, Xiaojun Qiu
Cast: Alex Wan, Haoran Chen, Shuner Hu, Hanfeng Wu, Xiaohang Xu
Synopsis: A story between a successful entrepreneur and a left-behind child called Stone. Wang Jiulin was very successful but he felt exhausted both psychologically and physically. He was eager to the liberty and relaxation in running in the nature. Someday eventually, he escaped from the city and came to a beautiful village which was near mountains and water. He stayed in a family, getting to know a group of clever and adorable left-behind children, and built a good relationship with Stone's finally.
Personal Appearance:Mr.Haoran Chen and Ms.Lingyan Hong
Bienaventurados (Blessed) (15 min.Argentina)
Director(s): Andrés Pasman
Producer(s): Simón Franco, Luis Zorraquin, Andrés Pasman
Screenwriter(s): Andrés Pasman
Cast: Millie Stegman, Jorge Román, Brandon Avalos, Nahuel Obella


 Bona Nox (14 min.Belgium)
Director(s): Jean-Frederic "Jules" Eerdekens (
Producer(s): Olivier Rausin
Screenwriter(s): Jean-Frederic "Jules" Eerdekens
Cast: Jérôme Colin, Diego Dalmans, Edith Van Malder
Synopsis: Since mommy died in a car accident, daddy is crying all the time. And I move with "Wheelchair", my wheelchair. But I can fix everything. I have a time machine. So, I will save mommy in the past and fix my legs in the future. But I need something to succeed... And I found it!

Born to Bully (15 min.USA)(Youth Filmmaker)
Director(s): Gerry Orz
Producer(s): Gerry Orz
Screenwriter(s): Gerry Orz
Cast: Gerry Orz, Zane Paul, Kaitlin Morgn
Awards: Make A Difference Award - 2013 Universe Multicultural Film Festival
Synopsis: "Born to Bully" where Gerry Orz depicts issues in today's society showing how Nathan (Bully character from the "Day of Silence") became a bully and what could have been done differently to avoid tragic consequences for both characters.
Personal Appearance:Gerry Orz

Class Photo (11min.;USA)
Director(s): John E. Clark Ⅲ
Producer(s): Lisa Galer, Malcolm Shaw, and John E. Clark Ⅲ
Screenwriter(s): James Jessuy, Nancy Minkus
Cast: Nikki Rattray Baldwin
Synopsis: Class Photo is the story of an Army veteran who seeks to pursue her interest in photography by obtaining an entry level job taking pictures of children for their school photos. Little does Sally know that class photos are a way for the government to indoctrinate the youth of America.
Personal Appearance:Malcolm Shaw;Karen Lawrance
Curse of the Sunset Starlet (21min.USA)
Director(s): Lori Precious
Producer(s): Randy Turrow
Screenwriter(s): Steve Erickson, Lori Precious
Cast: Sally Kirkland, Kathleen Wilhoite, Bailey Tait, Niko Baur
Synopsis: An aging horror film star returns to her long abandoned daughter, claiming she is dying. But is she drifter, grafter, or ghost? Only a swarm of sunset moths know the secret in the tale of family and forgiveness.
Personal Appearance:Lori Precious
Crocodiles without Saddles (16 min.;Germany)
Director(s): Britta Wandaogo
Producer(s): Britta Wandaogo
Screenwriter(s): Britta Wandaogo
Cast: Kaddi Wandaogo
Awards: Best Documentary -- Festival de Cine de Lanzarote 2013; Best contribution to the NRW Competition - 2013 International Short Film Festival Oberhausen; Second Prize of the Jury -- European Short Film Festival Unlimited 2012
Synopsis: This is a documentary road movie about the luck of being oneself. In the cosmos of Kaddi, there are no "correct" explanations - Why, how come, how! In her game of "What if", she merges foreign with familiar and brings the past to the present.
Day of Silence (21min.USA)(Youth Filmmaker)
Director(s): Gerry Orz
Producer(s): Gerry Orz
Screenwriter(s): Gerry Orz
Cast: Gerry Orz, Zane Paul, Kaitlin Morgn
Synopsis: Adam is moving to new town. On his first day, Adam's sister, trying to convince him to tell his parents the truth, but he refuses. When he is pushed to the limit, he decides to fight his bully and it all ends tragically the truth.
Personal Appearance:Gerry Orz
81 Golden Coins (90min.China)
Director(s): Chifei Han (Adult Filmmaker)
Producer(s): Xiangfeng Xu, Yongqiang Li
Screenwriter(s): Chifei Han
Cast: Jingyuan Zhou, Yingmin Zhang
Genre: Feature/Drama
Production Company: China Movie Channel
Synopsis: Yaya's mother left and she stays with grandma. Yaya gets a magic gold coin and tries hard to collect more coins to get the magic and make her mother return home. Finally she collects 81 gold coins and waits for her mother eagerly. Her story touched many people.
 Encantado (Charming) (9 min.Brazil)
Director(s): Guilherme Vianna Tensol
Producer(s): Mário Augusto Di Poi Cruz
Screenwriter(s): Guilherme Vianna Tensol
Synopsis: A twisted fairy tale of innocent love, CHARMING shows us the final moments of a child couple who, full of imagination and adult's courage, choose a less painful future.

 Fine (21min.Netherland)
Director(s): Justin Heyl
Producer(s): The Heyl Brothers, Mischa Staupe, Dinand Vons
Screenwriter(s): The Heyl Brothers
Cast: Corstiaan Smorenburg, Babette Holtmann, Perry Mulder, Anneke Weerts, Merlijn Remmig
Synopsis: This is a romantic journey of hope and love. The life of the happy and positive official Dickie suddenly changes when he meets a local traffic warden and falls in love. Unfortunately she is not that charmed, leaving Dickie desperate for her attention. Many lives are affected on Dickie's quest for love...but will he finally conquer her heart?
 Gaspé Copper (14 min.Canada)
Director(s): Alexis Fortier Gauthier
Producer(s): Hany Ouichou
Screenwriter(s): Alexandre Auger
Cast: Laurie Bissonnette, Mathieu Gagné, Dérick Livernoche, Martin Desgagné, Annick Bourrassa
Synopsis:Murdochville, 1957. A family is forced to move. Jean, as the father, pained by a long miners' strike, finds a new job in the city.
 Hunt for the Glorious Muffins (9 min.Malta)
Director(s): Patrick Vella 
Producer(s): Patrick Vella
Screenwriter(s): Patrick Vella, Norbert Friggieri
Cast: Ruth Farrugia
Synopsis: 4 Fantastic friends decide to embark into an exciting adventure to put their hands ... or paws on some glorious muffins. However it is not as easy as it seems!
Gutty (3 min.Iran)
Director(s): Seyed Sajad Moosavi
Producer(s): Seyed Sajad Moosavi
Screenwriter(s): Seyed Sajad Moosavi
Cast: Mohammad Javad Khalili
Production Company: ART QOM
Synopsis: A child tries to save water and protect environment against water shortage.
The film is produced symbolically in a simple form. The film is educational particularly for children and youths.
 Luozhi's 10,000 Meters (90min.China)
Director(s): Wei Zhou
Producer(s): Xiaoming Yan
Screenwriter(s): Zhonghua Zhang
Cast: Zhi Zhang, Dandan He
Synopsis: A touching family drama about a middle school aged kid from a poor family who must win a 10,000 meter race with an athletic scholarship as the main prize in order to stay in school, otherwise he would have to drop out and work to support the family.
Personal Appearance: Mr.Hongwei Zhou; Mr.Zheng Yang; Ms.Shuying Liao;
The Reading Boy ( 90 min. China) Last Year Best Film Winner , 2013SKIFF opening film
Director(s): Yaxuan Yuan
Producer(s): Yaxuan Yuan
Screenwriter(s): Xianming Meng
Cast: Jiaqi Li, Mingxuan Yuan, Zhiying Mao
Production Company: Henan Jinxiang Pictures Co., Ltd
Synopsis: Nine year old Kaikai live with his grandpa and a dumb dog in a village, while his parents are working in the city. Kaikai read books to grandpa on a daily basis instead of watch TV. One day, the dog started to bark and grabbed Kaikai towards the grandpa's room.... .
Personal Appearance: Yanxuan Yuan, Xianming Meng, Jiaqi Li
Keep Watch the Lifetime (90min.China)
Director(s): Rong Ni
Producer(s): Xiaohua Wang
Screenwriter(s): Dong Chen, Yuanlun Zhang, Yongxian Li, Rong Ni, Qinquan Deng, Ren Yu
Cast: Wei Xu, Xiaodan Zhong
Production Company: Chongqing Dadi Film Culture Development Cooperation
Synopsis: This film is adapted from a true story of an outstanding teacher called ZongMao Zhang who lives in Pengshui, an rural area in Chongqing. He is a lifelong watcher. Because of those students, he never skipped one class in his 38-year teaching life.
Just Grate (8min., USA)
Director(s): Ron Coons, Wendy Keeling
Producer(s): Wendy Keeling
Screenwriter(s): Emily Steele, Robert Coles, Louie Lawless, Kevin Keeling, Ron Coons, and Wendy Keeling
Cast: Manon Guy, Cailan Mclean, Louie Lawless, Alice Raver, Judy Jackson, Ken Jackson, Eric Crawford, Raymon Whitt, Kim Kinsley, Holland Guy, and Cooper Guy
Awards: Best Live Action Short -- Memphis International Film and Music Festival
Synopsis: Just Grate is an award winning coming of age comedy about a young girl finding love in the midst of a family gathering.
Personal Appearance: Wendy Keeling
 Mirage (9 min.;USA)
Director(s): Iker Maidagan, Dana Terrace
Producer(s): Iker Maidagan
Screenwriter(s): Iker Maidagan
Cast: Veronica Taylor, Marc Diraison, Jack Schram
A young Inuit boy reaches waters no one has reached before while trying to fish in the Arctic wilderness.

Mother's Dinner (14min.USA)
Director(s): Shih Hsiung Chen
Producer(s): Shih Hsiung Chen
Screenwriter(s): Shih Hsiung Chen
Cast: Janel DeGuzman, Sue Chen, Keon Zhao, Frank Yeh, Sheryl Lin
Awards: Short Film Screenplay Award - 2013 Universe Multicultural Film Festival
Synopsis: Mother's Dinner explores questions of miscommunications and generational deflections between parents and children. By telling the story of how the protagonist improves the unbalanced relationship between her mother and her own children, this project encourages the viewers to pay more attention to their parents.
Personal Appearance: Shih Hsiung Chen

 O Retrato da Lua (The Picture)(10min.Brazil)
Director(s): Claudio Bitencourt, Diego Lopes
Producer(s): Diego Lopes
Screenwriter(s): Mike Ale
Nicolas is a boy who has just lost his mother and will find a simple and unique way to face his grief.
 One Banknote (93 min.China)
Director(s): Yongsheng He
Producer(s): Shizhong Yan, Hongxia Li, Jia'ao Li
Screenwriter(s): Yongsheng He, Jinzhong Liu, Qunfei Chen
Cast: Yinuo Li, Jian Wang, Yu Zhu
Production Company: Beijing Zihongxu Entertainment and Culture Co., Ltd
Synopsis: One banknote connects eight people with different ages and backgrounds. Eight interesting chapters connect one story about money.
Personal Appearance: Mr.Yongliang He; Mr.Wenqing Yu, Ms. Hongxia Li, Mr. Rukui Zhang
Radio in My Childhood (96min.China)
Director(s): Chifei Han
Producer(s): Leiting Guo
Screenwriter(s): Weiqing Wang
Cast: Shida Xing, Wei Zheng, Guowei Shang
Genre: Feature/ Drama
Production Company: Yuncheng East-river Film & Culture Co., Ltd.
Synopsis: The story is set in an ancient tower in the southwest dating from Tang dynasty in the late 1960s. It centers on the trifles of several children who managed to make a radio. The story reflects the scanty cultural life and the spirit of kids who pursued science and progress then.
Requília (Relic) (16 min.Brazil)
Director(s): Renata Diniz 
Producer(s): Érico Cazarré
Screenwriter(s): Renata Diniz, Fernanda Rocha
Cast: Henrique Bernardes, Dimer Monteiro
Production Company: CAZA FILMES
Synopsis: The short-film tells a story about an unexpected friendship between a little boy and an old man. The characters are from different generations and social classes. At a bus stop, where no one looks or talk to each other, a friendship takes place.
Restless American (3 min.USA)
Director(s): Mike Abela ; Barry Stone
Producer(s): Howard Egger-Bovet
Screenwriter(s): SUB
Production Company: Find the Fun Productions.
Musica Video
 Shame and Glasses (7 min.Italy)
Director(s): Alessandro Riconda
Producer(s): Alessandro Riconda, Alessandro Perrella
Screenwriter(s): Alessandro Riconda
Cast: Mirko Talon, Jennifer Corbelletti, Alina La Costa
Awards: First prize - Curt de Gambals 2013 (Spain)
Winner filmmakers' category - Timeline Film Festival 2013 (Italy)
Synopsis: Mirko has to face his worst fear: wearing glasses. That is the only way to do his school test, but what would happen if the young girl he is secretly in love with could see him?
Slowly But Surely (11 min.USA)
Director(s): Eli Balser
Producer(s): Eli Balser
Screenwriter(s): Eli Balser
Cast: Greg Ellis, Jessica Di Cicco
Synopsis: The snail teaches the dragonfly to slow down, experience the moment, there's no need to take life so fast. The dragonfly teaches the snail to take a fresh, optimistic approach to life where sometimes you need to move fast. In the end they realize they make a pretty good team.
Personal Appearance: Eli Balser
Summer Dairy (93min.China)
Director(s): Weiguo Wang
Producer(s): Ling Cao
Screenwriter(s): Weiguo Wang, Ziyu Chen, Jianguang Lu
Cast: Xusheng Zong, Jiahui Lin, Yang Cen, Yichang Wang, Tianzi Shen, Chu Chu, Fang Wang
Production Company: Hangzhou Ziyu Culture Creativity Co. Ltd
Synopsis: This is a folk musical film about a proud girl, a girl with psychological barrier, a man who needs to be redeemed and other kids. A summer vacation trip brings the fate of the three persons closely associated with each other.
Personal Appearance: Ms.Yuan Liang, Ms. Ziyu Chen
Sign of the Dragon (18 min.USA)
Director(s): Scott Leslie
Producer(s): Scott Lesli, Nemo Mitchell, Kelli Lessie
Screenwriter(s): Scott Leslie
Cast: Davide Dallago, Gabriel Dallago
Production Company: Eugene Scott Productions. Inc
Synopsis: This is a magical coming-of-age story in which recently-orphaned twin girls inherit the sign of the Dragon, an ancient magic that gives supernatural abilities. With the help of friends, they learn to control their magic and prevent the Dark Order from stealing the power of the Sign.
Personal Appearance: Scott Leslie; Ann Leslie
 The Expectation of Xiao Deng (93min.China)
Director(s): Yimin Zhu, Zhuping He
Producer(s): Zhuping He
Screenwriter(s): Jingquan Peng, Qin Xiao
Cast: Chunyan Guo, Bin Yang, Xiaogui Bu, Kejian Song
Production Company: Guizhou Literature and Arts
Synopsis: It is a story about Xiao Deng, a 10 years old girl who stays in the village while her parents are working in the cities. Lonely but strong, she sticks together with her sick grandma and they take care of each other.
Personal Appearance: Ms. Zhuping He, Ms. Li Liu, Mr.Bo Zhang; Mr. Xiaoliang Zhang.
The Family of Shanzi (83 min.China)
Director(s): Rongsheng Zhang
Producer(s): Qiang Li
Screenwriter(s): Sen Song
Cast: Xiaolong Liu, Zewen Zhao, Yongquan Wang, Zhimin Sun, Wenli Jiang, Zhiwen Zhu
Production Company: Shandong Taishan Film & Media Co.,Ltd
Synopsis: Based on a true story, this film is about Shan Zi, a 10 years old boy who has lost her father. He has to take up the family burden to take care of his sick mom while studying hard at school.
Personal Appearance: Mr. Jian Wang; Ms. Fengai Han
Spaghetti for Two (19min.Germany)
Director(s): Betina Dubler, Matthias Rosenberger
Producer(s): Matthias Rosenberger
Screenwriter(s): Betina Dubler
Cast: Johannes Silberschneider, Toks Körner, Mia Aegerter, Stefan Rutz
Production Company: Malao Film
Synopsis: A seemingly ordinary day becomes a significant turning point for an unremarkable man, thanks to a minimal shift of fate.
The likeable but lonesome Finn is on his way to lunch. Awaiting him, the outside world lurks menacingly: in his imagination it swarms with would-be crooks, hussies and criminals. What should have been a routine stroll develops into a dark odyssey, triggering a troubled conflict against himself and against the world... and ultimately, it is the underdog who is victorious.
The Lunch Lady (7min.Australia) (Youth film maker)
Director(s): Ethan Fitzgerald, Tara Amoroso, Laurits Christopherson (Youth Filmmaker)
Producer(s): Kids Camera Action
Screenwriter(s): All the kids in the film
Cast: Tara Amoroso, Ethan Fitzgerald, Nikita Pussell, Grace Hill-Smith, Jan Stephen
These school kids have a problem with the lunch lady, or is it, that she has a problem with them? See how revenge can be soooooo sweet.
The Reading Boy 2 ( 92 min.China)
Director(s): Yaxuan Yuan
Producer(s): Yaxuan Yuan
Screenwriter(s): Xianming Meng
Cast: Jiaqi Li, Mingxuan Yuan, Zhiying Mao
Production Company: Henan Jinxiang Pictures Co., Ltd
Synopsis: The story of the reading boy continues. After Kaikai moves to the city, he misses his dog which stays at the countryside. He works hard to bring the dog to the city , the dog bring fresh life to his classmate too.
Personal Appearance: Mr. Yaxuan Yuan; Mr. Jiaqi Li
 The Rockumentary (7 min.Australia)(Youth Film Maker)
Director(s): Fox Crowley
Producer(s): Kids Camera Action
Screenwriter(s): All the kids in the film
Cast: Zac Steel, Tate Crowly, Tara Amoroso
Genre: Short/Action
Production Company: Kids Camera Action
Synopsis:There is a sub-species of humans that live amongst rocks. When you are raised amongst rocks, your destiny is set out for you. Rockstar? Rockclimber? Rockologist?
 The Trip ( 13 min.Poland)
Director(s): Bartosz Kruhlik
Producer(s): Justyna Ziemkiewicz
Screenwriter(s): Bartosz Kruhlik
Cast: Asia Jagielnicka, Zbigniew Jagielnicki
Synopsis: A 13-year old Asia goes on an excursion with her grandfather. Grandpa teaches her how to drive a scooter, shows her the beauty of nature. He's got also something to tell her...
 The Extraordinary Adventures of Adele Blanc-Sec ( 107min. France)
Director(s): Luc Besson (Adult Filmmaker)
Producer(s): Virginie Silla, Luc Besson
Screenwriter(s): Luc Besson, Jacques Tardi
Cast: Louise Bourgoin, Mathieu Amalric, Gilles Lellouche
Synopsis: An adventure set in the early part of the 20th century and focused on a popular novelist and her dealings with would-be suitors, the cops, monsters, and other distractions.

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