Short Films at 2017 San Diego International Kids Film Festival
2017 San Diego International Kids Film Festival--Short Films

  4 TO 5
USA | 5 min Short | Drama
Director/Producer Craig Knowles
Writer/Cast Arran Knowles
On the eve of his 5th birthday, a young boy discusses his last day of being 4.
USA | 3 min Short | Comedy
Director/Writer Kenneth Carnes
Cast Kale Clauson, Adam Carnes
A depressed puppet seeks life advice from a philosophical surfer dude.
UK | 6 min Short | Animation| Educational
Director/Writer/Producer Alex Amelines
Cast David Gant
This is an introduction to autism that aims to raise awareness among young non-autistic audiences, to stimulate understanding and acceptance in future generations.
Canada | 40 min Short | Documentary
Director Stephanie Dieter
Producers/Writers Stephanie Dieter, Travis Daniel Brown
10-year old Canadian singer and Guinness World Record-holder Capri Everitt embarks on a unique journey with her family to 80 countries where she sings the national anthem of each country in the national language in an effort to raise money and awareness for orphaned and abandoned children around the world.
USA | 14 min Short | Drama | Music
Director/Producer/Writer Xueying Ren
Cast Joaquin
A newly immigrated boy meets a deaf old man. They help each other, making their hearts grow closer.
USA | 11 min Short | Drama
Director/Writer Samantha Shada
Producer Sorina Sambula
Cast Zoe Staig, Samara Weisberg
A young girl learns what it takes to behave like a woman with a little help from her older cousin and the beauty industry.
Switzerland | 8 min Short | Animation | Adventure | Comedy
Director/Writer/Producer Joel Stutz
Bibi land is an educational cartoon designed to teach young kids basic words and numbers. To make the learning process as fun and entertaining as possible, the animation is rich of wonderful fairy tale music and adventurous explorations.
India | 16 min Short | Drama| Action
Director/Writer Saurabh Chatterjee
A kid wants to live Tagore's dream of being a hero. The modern world brings in new challenges in the dream. Will the kid be successful? Are Tagore's thought still valid in the modern world?  
Russia | 6 min Short | Animation
Director Alexey Mironov
Writers Vadim Volya, Evgeny Golovin, Leonid Kaganov
This is episode 35 of Paper Tales, the creative journeys of the paper cut-out duo, the moose Aristotle and woodpecker Knock-Knock, in the origami wonderland.
USA | 4 min Short | Animation | Fantasy | Adventure | Comedy
Director Patricia Beckmann Wells
Music Big D and the Kid's Table
We are all stardust. For small creatures like us, the vastness is bearable only through love. The story is based on Brad's solo in Rocky Horror Picture Show.
Russia | 6 min Short | Animation
Director Alexey Mironov
Writers Vadim Volya, Evgeny Golovin, Leonid Kaganov
This is episode 35 of Paper Tales, the creative journeys of the paper cut-out duo, the moose Aristotle and woodpecker Knock-Knock, in the origami wonderland.
USA | 13 min Short | Drama | Adventure
Director Jacob Smith
Producers/Writers Jacob Smith, Julia Myers
Cast Carolani Bartell, Isabella Kaze
Ericka, a 13-years-old girl, suspects that her mom might be a spy and launches her own espionage effort with her best friend to find out what's really going on.
USA | 4 min Short | Animation
Director/Writer Gabriela Borregales
Producer John McIntosh
This is a story about a sweet cicada that learns being yourself is the most beautiful song of all.
Norway | 7 min Short | Family
Director/Producer Ann Holmgren
A colorful man finds a robot that loves fruits. He feeds the robot with different colorful fruits and then a robot baby appears!
USA | 6 min Short | Animation | Fantasy | Adventure | Musical
Director Ty Primosch
A corkscrew with a screw loose battles a giant glass bottle to uncork seven magical lightning bugs.
China | 14 min Short | Drama
Director/Producer Yuanbao Zhang
Writers Dengjian Wang, Yixue Cao
Cast Huachen Xu, Yongle Li, San Men, Yufang Tu
In Jin Dynasty, Zu Ti and Liu Kun became the students of an old man who fed chickens. They got up early every dawn when the cock crows and practiced sword playing.
USA | 3 min Short | Documentary
Director/Producer Annie O'Neil
This is a very short visual letter to Congress from some children of America. Understanding that there are problems in Congress, they share what they have been told about how to get along.
USA | 13 min Short | Drama | Fantasy | Family
Director Matthew Sandager
Producers Matthew Sandager, Matthew Burgess
Writer Matthew Burgess
Cast Shondra Floyd, K. Lamonte Jones, Kemari Joy McClary
An imaginative young girl searches for ways to communicate with her grandfather after he's gone.
Brazil | 11 min Short | Horror | Fantasy
Director Gustavo Teixeira
Writers Gustavo Teixeira, Rodrigo Estravini
Producer Daniel Mascarenhas
Cast Nábia Villela, Marielle Cecconello
Dudu has already chosen his future profession. Now he'll have to face his fears to become a doctor of monsters.
USA | 5 min Short | Animation
Director Brandon Chappell
Cast Chance Chappell, Adwoa Dora, Joseph Del Ponte, Charter Road
Drew loves playing his drum for people until he is bullied by a boy named Malcolm. His dad encourages Drew to go on drumming and befriend the very boy that bullied him.
China | 15 min Short | Drama
Director Bin Chen
Producer Chengli Ma
Writer Min Zhu Cast Zien Han, Yitao Lu, Li Gong, Yu Wang
Meng Hao is running a florist. One day, a little girl shows up at his shop and orders the carnations for her mom for the next 70 years.
USA | 19 min Short | Comedy | Musical
Director/Producer/Writer Mary Kerrigan
Cast Hannah Wieczorek
Louise, a 9-year-old rollerblading girl, has a knack for creative danger. Her kooky Grandma and brothers spend the day searching for the family’s escaped pet bird but Louise has other plans inside the neighborhood construction site
USA | 6 min Short | Drama | Family | Sci-Fi
Director Cristopher Stauffer
Cast Isabella Margolin, Anya Margolin
A restless night for two sisters prompts a bedtime tale involving Gemma, an other-worldly being whose crash landing and discovery on Earth changes a family forever.
Taiwan | 4 min Short | Animation
Director Tu Hao-Chin
Writer Wang Rou-Ting
Producer Shu Yi-Chi Animators Chen Sheng-pei, Tu Jie-en, Lai Wei-ni
Little Tadpole, a 9-year-old girl, experienced the death of her younger sister a year ago. Facing the unbearable sadness and feeling of loss, she despises the Chinese people’s habit of “not to look at, not to listen to and not to talk about” death and bravely relates her own story.
USA | 15 min Short | Documentary
Director/Producer Nicolas Lopez
This documentary sheds light on the stunning extra-sensory abilities manifest in children who practice a groundbreaking meditation technique taught at a holistic medical center in Bogotá, Colombia.
USA | 18 min Short | Fantasy | Adventure | Family
Director Alexa Tuttle
Producer Bryce Cyrier
Writers Bryce Cyrier, Alexa Tuttle Cast Valeria Rose Lohman, Austin Dammann, Daz Byard
In an effort to make her senior thesis unforgettable, a brilliant and overly ambitious witch named Hazel attempts to steal the ancient book of Merlin from her magical university's enchanted library.
Russia | 11 min Short | Animation
Director Anton Vereschagin
Producer Oleg Roy Writers Oleg Roy, Amina Vereschagina, Anastasia Zubkova, Ekaterina Nevolina
This is about the adventures of little merry people called Jingliks and their animal-friend Bedokur, who is the master of mischief. His curiosity continually draws the friends in different situations, from which they make amazing discoveries.
New Zealand | 9 min Short | Fantasy | Adventure | Animation
Director James Cunningham
A precocious kitten wants to be a witch’s familiar and must pass a test or she will forever be just a simple cat, but the witch sees something in the kitten she does not expect.
USA | 4 min Short | Animation | Drama | Fantasy
Director Emily Lin
Cast ShoDoMe, Maty Cisse, Emily Lin
When a young boy’s pride hurts his older brother, a lonely ghost tries to save him, but only makes matters worse for the two.
Slovenia | 3 min Short | Animation
Director/Producer Kolja Saksida
Writers Kolja Saksida, Marko Bratus Cast Frano Maskovic, Ziga Saksida
It's a rainy day, and Koyaa decides to tidy up his room. When he is done cleaning, he proudly looks around, stepping on a toy car he overlooked. He takes a crazy ride, zig-zagging around the place like a figure skater out of control!
Russia | 11 min Short | Animation
Directors Alexander Lutkevich, Evgeniy Golovin
In a whimsical world in the Far East, where taiga, mountain range, and sea exist together, live two cubs and best friends: an Amur tiger cub named Tig and a Far Eastern leopard cub named Leo.
USA | 4 min Short | Fantasy | Drama | Family
Director/Writer Angela Park
Cast Carissa Bazler, Anne Letscher
Lily forms a bond with a plant after moving from her home. Her imaginary world takes on a life of its own that Lily’s mom dismisses.
USA | 4 min Short | Family | Animation
Director/Producer/Writer/Animator Harvey Droke
An orchestra conductor inadvertently obtains a magician's wand on the night of his big concert.
USA | 10 min Short | Family
Director Allen Price
Writers Ken Mann, Allen Price Cast Belle Fockler, Jack Gross, Talia Martin
A clever little girl could easily conquer the world and she knows it.
Taiwan | 4 min Short | Animation | Family
Director Sung-Chi Lo
Writer/Producer Chiung-Fen Lin Cast Te-yi Chiang, Wan-ru Yan, Pei-yun Chiang, Pei-chia Chiang
Mimi and Lala are adorable twin sisters. Their dad and mom love them very much and always prepare everything in pair: two sets of clothes, two sets of food or two bicycles. However, Grandpa and Grandma send them only one big bunny as a gift
Canada | 3 min Short | Music
Directors Brandon Lane, Brandon Lane
Writer Brandon Lane Producer/Cast Kimberly Persona
Miss Persona sing a rainbow song to help cheer her friend Bernard up.
Northern Mariana Islands | 9 min Short | Family
Directors/Writers Rob Sams, Laura Sams
Cast Kaya Rasa Producers Rob Sams, Laura Sams, Stephani Gordon
On the island of Saipan, a young girl's mysterious dream about a haggan, or green sea turtle, leads her to investigate the sea turtles that live around her home. Join her adventure to find turtles, which leads to a wonderful birthday wish.
USA | 8 min Short | Comedy | Animation | Family
Director Darrell C. Hazelrig
Writer Sam Carter Cast Casey Holloway, Patrick Fleming, Aileen Loy, Hannah Fierman, Leslie Carrera-Rudolph
While out on a hike with granola boyfriend, a young woman's smart phone is snatched from her purse by a stick. The phone is then discovered by, and subsequently stolen from, various anthropomorphic animals until, finally, Mother Nature herself has to interject.
Brazil | 7 min Short | Animation
Director Rogerio Boechat
Producers Marcio Shimabukuro, Daniela Moreira Writers Rodrigo Amim, Mauricio Stal
Cast Pamella Rodrigues
On a boring day, a baby gets a teddy bear from his mom. The new toy becomes his best friend. Over time, it turns into a tedious object. He carries it around sadly, until destiny surprises him...
USA | 9 min Short | Animation
Director/Writer/Producer Bill Jarcho
Animator Sean Burns
When a brutish band of clay-morphing meanies invades and conquers a tribe of peaceful natives, their callous actions escalate to a shocking finale.
USA | 4 min Short | Family| Fantasy
Director/Producer/Writer Cecelia Condit
Music Renato Umali
Unlike imaginary landscapes where trees talk and frogs turn to handsome princes, Pizzly Bears are actually a new species. They are a cross between a Grizzly and Polar Bear.
China | 17 min Short | Drama
Directors Luxi Zhang, Xueyong Wang
Writers Yulin Zhang, Mei Wang
Cast Xiaomeng Feng, Jiayi Xu, Jierui Wang
Xiaohao and Xiaohe are classmates. Their dads apply different ways to love their children. Xiaohao’s dad always get gifts for him while Xiaohe’s dad always spend time with her.
China | 20 min Short | Drama
Director/Writer Dandan Zhang
Producer Yong Zhang
Cast Ziqing Wan, Letong Mayang, Xuan Wang, Zhen Zhang
Jiandan burned her face when she was little. Though she grew up in the struggles and misunderstandings, she managed to earn the respect from others who regard her as a pretty face.
China | 39 min Short | Family Director Feng Yang
Producers Xianfeng Xu, Qiang Li
Writers Feng Yang, Dianxue Wang Cast Decheng Ren
Xiaomeng runs away from home as his parents are too busy at work. While his parents are desperately worried, Xiaomeng meets a father and his daughter whose love melts Xiaomeng’s heart.
USA | 6 min Short | Fantasy | Adventure | Thriller
Director Pat O'Malley
Writers F.P. Handerson, Pat O'Malley
Cast Garrett Johnson, Sicily Fontaine, Michele O'Malley-Daly
A nice relaxing day at the pool turns into a nightmare for Tyler and his sister, Lisa, when a shark starts to terrorize them. They must find a way to defeat the shark, or else become its dinner.
New Zealand | 16 min Short | Comedy | Adventure | Family
Director/Writer Dave Whitehead
Producers Dave Whitehead, Paul Murphy, Sadie Wilson
Cast Taungaroa Emile, Duane Evans Jr., Maaka Pohatu
Set in New Zealand in the 1970s, Possum is a tale of two young brothers who accompany their lumberjack father to a forest campsite. At odds with each other, the two hatch a plan to head into the woods and hunt for a notorious possum named Scar.
UK | 18 min Short | Comedy | Adventure | Romance
Director/Writer Tom Hawgood
Producers Tom Hawgood, Lexi Rose Cast Brooke Ramsay, Flynn Allen, Sam Campbell-Boross, Samuel Scott
When three 13-year-old boys hear that Lindsay Keegan, the next door neighbor, has written the name of the one boy she likes in her diary, they decide to break into her house and stop at nothing until they read it.
USA | 32 min Short | Comedy | Suspense | Adventure
Director Charles Carr
Writers Charles Carr, Marsi Carr
Producer Art Animates Life Films
Cast Audrey Linder, Kylie Young, Mateja Schmidt, Jaden Gottfried, Andrew Janusek
A children's sleepover turs to adventure and danger when kids visiting a friend’s new home in the country become unwitting witnesses to a serious crime. These young detectives set out to figure out what has happened and rescue a very special friend in danger.
USA | 5 min Short | Animation | Fantasy | Action
Director/Producer/Writer Kailin Gow
Smalley or 'Small' as she is called, is the smallest ant in her army ant colony, but she packs a big surprise and heart that may end up saving the colony including those who bullied her.
USA | 7 min Short | Comedy | Romance | Drama
Director Donggyun Han
Writers Maggie Briggs, Donggyun Han
Producer Patrick clement
Cast Grace Keyt, Josie Girand, Daniel Kunningham
A shy girl and her best friend accidentally gift a condom instead of candy and must retrieve it before her crush discovers their embarrassing mistake.
USA | 15 min Short | Sci-Fi | Fantasy | Action | Drama
Director/Writer Jason Honeycutt
Producers Jason Honeycutt, Nicholas Pellegrini
Cast John Hensley, Justine Herron, Kaylee Dennis, A Leslie Kies, Garret Sato
A daughter thinks her mother is a real life super hero. She might be right.
Argentina | 8 min Short | Romance | Animation
Director/Producer/Writer/Animator Joaquin Braga
This is a story of two post lights dancing under the moonlight by the beautiful sound of tango.
USA | 21 min Short | Family
Director/Writer/Producer Marci Krown
Cast Lilly Mae Stewart, Robert Charles, Carys Hay, John Kyle Ganotisi
A girl's mission is to carry out her father's values on gratitude and goes on a journey with her stuffed rabbit, brother and two friends in order to do so. What she finds is clearly unexpected.
India | 20 min Short | Drama
Director/Writer Mohit Modi
Producer Syed Sultan Ahmed
Cast Vedanth Dattani, Jasleen Marwah, Gaurav Dwivedi, Chirag Lobo
Shaunak bumps into his idol Animesh at a mall and takes his autograph on his palm. To prevent losing the autograph and his lucky charm, Shaunak stops washing his hands, which leads to a series of consequences that don’t leave him very happy or feeling lucky.
India | 15 min Short | Animation | Drama
Director Suresh Eriyat
Producer Nilima Eriyat
Animators Mukund Bhaleghare, Adam Wyrwas, Sanjay Patkar, Swati Agarwal
Two insignificant lives lost and found in time.
USA | 12 min Short | Comedy
Director/Writer Leah Cohen-Mays
Cast Chase Benymon, Indira G. Wilson, Erik Mitchell, Paige Noel, Zenzi Moon
An adorable little guy named Donovan goes on a shopping trip with his family and spots a pair of boots that he simply must have. After being told no, he throws an epic tantrum which results in him spending the summer learning a lesson he'll never forget...
Canada | 15 min Short | Drama
Director/Writer Holly Brace-Lavoie
Cast Charli Birdgenaw, Billy Iliopoulos, Joseph Napolitano, Sara Bradeen
Morgan who loves fly fishing in the river near her home. She also likes a boy. But boys don’t like girls who fish. Morgan can't seem to reconcile her two interests. Will she have to choose one over the other?
USA | 12 min Short | Drama| War
Director Jackson Smith
Writers Ryan Stratton, Jackson Smith
Producer Amber Berck Cast Lilith Max, Charlene Geisler, Connie Smith, Dan Cheatham II, James Giusti
In 1945 in Germany, two refugees, Maria and her mother, are working on a farm in the German countryside after they are forced out of their home by violence and political upheaval. It is there that little Maria makes an unlikely friend, an American soldier.
New Zealand | 11 min Short | Fantasy | Drama | Adventure
Director/Writer/Producer James Cunningham
Cast Narelle Ahrens, Drew Cunningham, Darryl Harbraken
A warrior and his son are on a quest to fix the son's stammer. But the boy must teach his father that he's all right as he is.
Australia | 11 min Short | Family | Comedy
Director/Writer Louise Turley
Producer Donna Hensler
Cast Arjen Goessens, Carolyn Bock, Michael Veitch, Peter Barron, Russell Williamson
Winning the footy match was never going to be easy, but with a fox at full forward, it just got a lot harder.)
USA | 16 min Short | Fantasy | Drama | Family
Director/Writer Rachel Medeiros
Producers Rachel Medeiros, Rosanna Medeiros
Cast Jania Gomez, Rodrigo Ortega, Isabella X. Hernandez, Rogelio Hernandez Jr.
Sofia and her two siblings thrive in their imaginary world, but that begins to crumble when their brother's physical limitations prevent him from fully immersing himself in that world. Sofia quickly finds herself unprepared to deal with her brother's reality.
USA | 15 min Short | Comedy | Drama | Family
Director/Writer Dani Schoffman
Producers Nick Bailey, Alexandra Savramis
When David, an 8-year-old boy, learns that his father has leukemia and the prognosis is poor, he decides to find the cure himself. After misunderstanding the doctors words, "The Big C", David recruits his friends and together they become The Pixie Fighters.
USA | 3 min Short | Animation | Sci-Fi | Comedy
Director/Writer/Producer Raymond Montemayor
Cast Edwin Frank Ortiz, Taylor Koster, Maliya Montemayor, Whitton Frank, Robert Nixon
Craving the attention of her busy father, a 7-year-old Star Wars fan disobeys her father and unknowingly starts a rebellion with his Star Wars toy collection that has surprising consequences.
USA | 9 min Short | Animation | Comedy | Sci-Fi
Director Sam Roth
Producer Vincent Salvano
Cast Sam Roth, Brandon Simanski, Ed McBurney
Two janitors, Marty and Dino, working under a team of superheroes on their fantastic submarine base. But when given an opportunity to prove themselves as heroes in their own right, will they rise to the occasion?
Australia | 10 min Short | Family | Drama | Fantasy
Director Heather Maggs
Cast William Mellor
On Katie’s first day of school, she attempts to make friends but finds herself unable to talk to the other children. She must find the courage within herself to be brave.
Taiwan | 12 min Short | Family | Drama
Director/Writer Jie Lee
The divorce caused Hao Lee to live with his father in weekdays and meet up his mom once a month. While today is the day for Hao’s mom to pick him up, she is late as she is concentrated on her work. Hao doesn’t have a chance to chat with her and turned out using his bad temper against her.
UK | 16 min Short | Family | Fantasy
Director/Writer Meloni Poole
Producer Deborah Aston
Cast Lily Aslandogdu, Thea Barnes
A girl would rather not speak and prefers to live as a horse, but the girls at school just won’t leave her alone.
   Music/Songwriting     A DIFFERENT CHRISTMAS DAY 
USA | 19 min Short | Animation | Music 
Writer Anthony Rodriguez 
A semi animated children’s Christmas story is told in rhyme with 5 songs. The story begins on Christmas Eve at a zoo that is at risk of being closed because of low attendance within a populated city. 
ADDY'S ODYSSEY USA | 3 min Short | Comedy Director/Writer Kenneth Carnes Cast Kale Clauson, Adam Carnes 
A depressed puppet seeks life advice from a philosophical surfer dude.

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